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The Hofstra Game



Hey, a Furman fan here. Sorry we couldn't give you a better game last December. Maybe we'll get another shot one day.

Please do us all a favor and kick the living dog poo out of Hofstra. You mountain boys are a whole lot friendlier than those hard cases from Long Island.

Since the Griz is so well organized, I'm going to say Montana 35 Hofstra 9.
well, well well...if I just get some south florida fans on this site, i can have a triple play against teams we are undefeated against (as a true 1-aa team)...the furmans are a true fans...they bandwagon jump as their team goes in the dump...as least you griz fans are faithful...you will follow your team 3000 miles to see them laid out by the prideful pups
DON'T knock the Furman fans. They were the classiest fans I've ever had the pleasure of being around! I talked with hundreds of them both before and after the championship game. They were proud before the game AND after the game. I would only hope our GRIZ fans are as gracious. My brother and I plan to shake hands with the Pride/Dutchmen fans on Thursday! GO GRIZ!!
I predict a good game. I was at the 10-9 Griz defeat in Missoula and it still stings. They shouldn't have lost that game. Let's hope we can return the favor at least ten fold on the 29th. Hofstra has a good program, so I'll take a one point win in New York too.

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