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On the Horizon...


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Anyone else have a sense that the toughest games are behind us and the future looks great for home playoffs? Here is why I think so... (Mind you, I'm knocking on some serious wood here...)

- Weber will be no contest.
- Southern Utah... huh? Who's that? Indepent, Unranked 1-AA, enough said.
- I used to think PSU was the most serious threat, but they've puttered out. I still think it will be a tough game at Portland, but they've proved that they know how to lose this season.
- NAU will be our toughest Big Sky Conf. game, but then again, its a home game for the GRIZ and there's no way they'll come to our house and beat us.
- SAC State, they stink this year, no contest. Again at home, no problems.
- EWU. Might be a semi-tough game, they always play their best against us, but then again, everyone does. Our advantage because we'll bring more fans to Spokane's Joe Albi stadium than they have.
- MSU. Again, could be tough, they'll have lost at least 3 more games by then and will be looking to knock us off (what else is new) and will have nothing to lose.

The way I see it, if we have no serious injuries, we're only going to get better. The offense is seemingly putting it all together and the Griz D is stronger than ever.

I smell another Big Sky Conf. Championship, and an undefeated record going into the home playoffs from here out.

*Knock on wood*

8) The Future's Lookin Bright, better put on the shades! 8)
All depends on if Griz play at their level and not the opponents. Also, it may depend on the refs officiating the game. Notice how many penalty yards some of the Big sky teams had this past weekend? I think maybe if the refs that did the Idahto - Montana game follows montana, both teams will be able to their potential and game be so much more fun to watch. If that happens, you will see the Griz offense playing up to it's potential. If we have refs who want to call every hold, then there may be problems. As Joe Glenn said, and I repeat, they can call a holding penalty on every play. So we shall see on how refs will call each game.
Well, the Griz are likely to be favored in every game and thankfully we've got a coach who doesn't let the team overlook anyone.
Still, even underdogs will play their best vs UM because we're the best.
Also keep in mind weber only lost by a TD to NAU.
Barring injury our toughest game should be behind us...but I'm betting we have at least 2 of the remaining to go down to the wire.
I bet the Griz bobcat game goes down to the wire as all records are tossed in that game. Emotions are just way to high in that game and emotions can lead to anything.
If the Griz O gave us a taste of things to come, then don't look for any nail biter games the remainder of the season. Assume a D playing tough as usual... as well.
I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I hope the team isn't thinking the same way. Weber is talented and has the capability of taking a bite out of us if we're not focussing on each game as it comes. In fact, I believe there is more parity than ever in the BSC. We have some tough games to get through but that makes it so much more interesting! I hope we concentrate and play UP to our talent level as we did in the second half last Saturday. If we do, McNeese is likely in our future. They look like the real deal. The thing I DIDN't like in the second half at Idaho was that crazy lateral with the game on the line. Why risk the game with the riskiest of all possible plays? One bounce on the carpet and Idaho runs it in for a game-tieing touchdown. Remember when Idaho had the game won years ago and threw a sideline pass which we intercepted and ran down the right sideline to win the game? And, SAC State with the ill-advised pitch to lose the game? And, Idaho State with the pass to the GRIZ last year to lose the game? WE have to play smart in crunch time --let the other team make the bone-head plays! Stupid plays will cost you big time. GO GRIZ!!