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NEW! Come Play in the Big Sky Conf. Football Pool!


Well-known member

JahGriz turned me onto a nifty application to create a Football Pool. I've spent countless hours trying to convert it for Big Sky Conference Football. Hope I've succeeded.

Anyway, this is virtual money only, no real betting, but it will be fun!

Pick your winners each week and see who has the hot hand in the Big Sky Conference. We are starting with week 6, but all scores/schedules/teams have been updated for the whole season.

Since this was modified from an NFL Pool, there are some quirks which I hope to work out.

So... on to the site! Please read the main page and the HELP section once you get there. It explains a TON!

Come on over!

P.S. Im getting up early to drive to Moscow for the game tomorrow... I'll check my email before 10pm tonight, but that will be the last chance you'll have to get registered for this week! Make sure you get it done by 10 tonight if you want to play week 6!

Jim Joyner