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Montana 75, Loyola Marymount 68


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The Grizzlies lost to them earlier this year on a neutral court. This game was on the road. Montana's improving. Everyone needs to start showing up at the games.

Next victim: Southern Utah (December 30)

This looks new 0X
wow Jimus and TrueGriz posted the same topic at the exact same time, now that's impressive.

Good job to the Griz, I love watching the basketabll games, it is a really fun experience. C'mon, lets get the adams center justr as roudy as we get Washington Grizzly Stadium. Even better, lets make the entire adams center one "Big North Endzone", lets get CRAZY!! :silly:

Hey, we eGrizers can make a name for ourselves.

eGriz Wackos... or

lets come up with something
It takes about 5,000 people in the Adams Center for a good atmosphere, so we have a long way to go. It's not going to happen for the Southern Utah game, but the one after that is the conference opener against Eastern Washington, who is predicted to win the Big Sky according to the preseason polls. We'll need a huge crowd then. Spread the word, people.
With students missing, sometimes that doesn't make a difference, since many of them don't show up anyway. I spoke with an ex player who played here few years back and he said he hasn't gone yet this year since he didn't agree with how the coaching staff of last year was fired. I had spoken with many other fans who felt the same way and have not attended at all this year, not because of coach Kennedy, but because of Wayne Hogan!!

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