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looking for some fellow griz fans

who will win the Division I championship this year???

  • Oklahoma

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  • Miami

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  • Florida State

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  • Tennessee

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hey everyone, if you dont remember me my name is Billye. I am a 24 yr male college student attending Oklahoma University majoring in Secondary Education Social Studies. I am originally from south Texas (near San Antonio). I love the Sooners, but i am also a HUGE HUGE HUGE Grizzlies fan. I am hoping to attend Grad school in Missoula in a couple of years and start teaching in Montana (as its my favorite place in the world). I am just wanting to meet some cool Grizzly fans. I am into basketball, football, all types of fishing, landscape photography.
if ya want to chat, just leave an email:

[email protected]
[email protected]

take it easy everybody

You are a griz fan in OK. Well, I'm a Griz fan in FL. I must agree with you that the Griz are the best 1-aa team in the land but I'm predicting repeat champions in both 1-A and 1-AA. Both school are rated number 1 and are both go by the initals UM considence? I think not.
No offense (as in 'dont mean to make anyone angry') but who cares about 1-A??

When I watch a 1-A game, I'm usually bored to tears watching them RUN for 3-4 yards a carry every single possession... YAWN.

Give me 1-AA, especially BigSky football, where you got Razzle Dazzle, Deep Passing, Big Plays, Fanatics in the stands, and a TRUE champion at the end of the season... not some team that a fat-ass media person votes for.

This, my friends, is FOOTBALL. 8)
I see your point about 1-A but lets face the Griz haven't been trowing the ball the way they did in the Read years and it dosen't seem to have hurt attendance very much and they are diffently still winners. But you are right 1-AA is better because of playoffs. I like Miami but I live and die with the Griz.
Point well taken. I miss the old days of the passing era too, but hey... a win is a win. (I had to go to therapy for 3 months to be able to admit to that one. :wink: )

What I loved about YO or Etu and even Edwards, (and hope I dont miss this year), was their ability to make small plays into big plays. A simple screen pass that should get 5 yards suddenly broken for 15+, or Edwards breaking on the Qback draw, or YO high stepping and cutting left and right... Man, the stadium ERUPTS!

I simply can't wait to see what the running backs and unknown receivers are going to give us!

I'm SO unproductive at work today... I'd get canned!

1 Day my Brethern! 1 Day!