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horrible predictions!!!!


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Take a look at this poll. What a bunch of crap!!! C.B.S. Can't Be Serious
Just saw this myself and was going to post it as well. You beat me to it!

You can bet some stupid computer :wink: made this prediction. Holds no water at all.
Yea, not really worried about what some computer says. (Even though the ones that are working are calling it our way.) They were talking about it on Hofstra's board. Guess it was their last glimmer of hope. They are a pretty good group of guys (& gals).
6 hours!!! Man im pretty useless at work today also. 8)
Speaking of worthless predictions a few hours ago I saw Al Roker predicting a possibility of 3-5 inches of rain and the possibility of 80 mph winds on Long Island. Too bad there wasn't any snow in the forecast.
Is that Grizzly weather or what!!!! :lol: Hofstra fans have been saying that the want it dry because the Montana Clydesdales (nice way for them to refer to our lines), own inclimate weather conditions. It would be nice though for our new guys to have some gametime in good conditions but what the heck.
Am I blind, or did the Harmon report totally leave off the Montana vs. Albany game. I guess its the Griz virus. I definately don't see Montana in the Major 1-AA section. However, I see they have MSU 14 over SFA 12.
I must be blind too, Jah, I did not see the Griz prediction either. On another note, was it not SFA 14 MSU 12?