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Hey 3r20....


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Can you tell me about the hotels/motels that are somewhat close to Hofstra? Cheap ones! :) Poor college student........ :roll: Ok... well hope to here from you.
Oh yeah.... I also wanted to ask you about the seating... Is it mostly resevered seating or general admission? The reson I ask is because I want to know if I can just walk up at the game and get tickets and sit with the Griz crowd.....not that I have anything against Flying Dutchmen fans..... but birds of a feather......well you know the rest.

What is a Flying Dutchman? Are you dutch? Is there a strong dutch community there? I've been in dutch before... :-? .
Check out the Quality Hotel & Convention Center in Hempstead, NY. My brother and I got a double (2 queen-sized beds) for $71 a night. The room with one bed was $61. They are within walking distance (if one dares to walk anyplace) of the stadium. Their phone number is (516) 486-4100. This was a AAA rate and we went through Expedia.

I suspect you will be able to buy tickets up until game time and move to the GRIZ section. I have never had any problem doing that. They don't draw many fans. Of course, there will be a bunch of GRIZ fans!! See you at the tailgate on Long Island!
Gentlemen: price is not everything in New York...I would hesitate to stay at the quality inn on Hempstead Tpke...For a couple of dollars more..the Marriott is very very nice (and closer)and there are other hotels on Old Country Road or further east on Hempstead turnpike that are a lot nicer than the QI..

Tickets...chairbacks on the Hofstra side are reserved and cost around $12. General admission is 6 or 8 and you have your choice of around 10,000 bleacher seats all around the stadium...If you want to sit on the HU side I have a couple of extra tickets that you can buy...

This game will be a litmus test for the pride faithful...no "soccer game", "shopping trip""bad opponent""big time football on the tube" excuses...if there are not at least 10K fans in the stadium on the 29th, there will never be a home playoff game in the pride future
Yes, the Marriott you suggest IS "a couple bucks" more. Their lowest rate is $209 per night. The man asked for "cheap!"
I forgot I was talking to people from the wasteland of montana, where quality lodging is a room near the ice machine at motel 6..my trust fund allows me to stay at some of the finest accomodations in 1-aa land

Cal Poly - Hearst Castle
GSU - St Simons Island Estate

Unfortunately...that is the price of long island....

stay at the QI...dont say I didnt warn you
Ok...well we've come to these two conclusions:

1) 3r20 has more money than the average guy in school. :-?

2) Hofstra may never host a playoff game, even though it is possible there will be 10,000 people at the game...... the problem for the Pride faithful is that a couple grand will be Griz fans.

OK....what kinda neighborhood is it around Hofstra..... it can't be much worse than the getto around LSU!
if only 2000 griz fans show up...than attendence will be only 5000. I was counting on at least 5k making the trip east
One last thing I forgot to ask 3r20......

How does a team have a chance of hosting a playoff game when they have no shot at making the playoffs?
I guess it IS pretty easy to pencil in a playoff appearance every year when you play in the Big Pie in the Sky conference...every year the griz has one or two teams competing against them in the BPSC....

anyway...the pups have come a loooong way since the 50-6 pasting in 93
the holiday on old country road has rooms for $165.00..only a short cab ride to the stadium...right next to all the shopping malls, etc....if you plan on being in town for more than just the day...this would be the place to stay...I will even offer to pick you up and drive you to the campus to save you a few dollars
I am go and visit the hoftras. I stay at a place. I go and see if the post here work on you.
ok it go and work all right.

I go and visit the hofstras in december because the furmans want me scout it out and all. The furmans got sticks and I do not want them beat me with they whacky sticks. I go and do my jobby job.

The hofras got a real nice college. It big. A big A college. Them stadium place am nice and got statue of nekkid peeps in front of it all flying about in they statuary. You can go and see a bare breast if you look at it with you eye holes.

I stay at the Quality Hotel. It $70 a night. It a old place like what I stay at when I scout the Wyomings when I scout them in laramie. That where the wyoming college am at. It clean but it not luxery on you. Not luxery room. It got cable tv. and it clean. It one of them new fangle high rise. It not in the hood but it close to it. I got no trubba. Ever body nice and polite on me. Many peeps there am jamaica but you not worry if you a white guy because they not give a shiznit what color you am. I meet a business man there from Philadelphia say that where he all ways stay. I got drunk on him and spew glorious and then he beat me. Beat me like old times. That not quality inn fault.

I say the marriott am not closer for 200 dollar. I say Quality inn is closer. That what i say.

Now let us get serious beriuos. The Quality Inn got ever thing you need, and it safe, but you can not go out and wander all over the neighborhood after dark. They got a bar in the hotel with a pool table and nice peeps. They got room service and the faculty staff am frinedly on you. That explain it all.
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Can someone translate this for me? Seems to be an interesting type of Bayuoneese.....but nothing like we have in LA>
gsu88 is a colorful character who is a big poster on the furman site...theuffp.com. He visited hoffy last year when he was touring the best 1-aa facilities in the country...(my guess is he couldnt get a flight to within 250 miles of wash-griz stadium)..anyway he stayed at the QI/CI and apparantly he did not have a problem with it
3r20 said:
(my guess is he couldnt get a flight to within 250 miles of wash-griz stadium)
Well quit guessin and educate yourself. Washington-Grizzly is in the upper echelon of fine 1-AA stadiums. GSU88 would've appreciated seeing it. Like his beloved Paulson, Washington-Grizzly is a place where, on game day, elbow room can be hard to come by. Which is a good thing. :lol: Considering that Montana is a state with plenty of elbow room, I find it a bit ironic that states with little or none at all have an abundance of it in some of their football stadiums.

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