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Griz vs. Oklahoma Score Guess...


Staff member
Panhandle State that is...

Lost to Flipping Lamar!! 75-0
Beat Sterling (NAIA) 35-13
Lost to Adams State 26-10

I have UM 77- 6, the only reason UM doesn't score 100 is the third string is in after halftime.
56-7 :sleep: Hope the players from OK have a good experience playing in a great venue.
Go Griz!!
I hope the Griz don't run the score up to much. 60 something to 6 no TD s for them .
I think it will be 63-3, but could be much, much worse.

And I put the O/U of fans in the stands at the beginning of the 4th quarter at 11,110.
It is possible that OPHU gives the Griz issues. Like, over confidence, their style, schemes, blocking, matchups etc...not every team stacks up against' another the same...
Griz win 62-23