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Hey there everyone,

I am just wondering what you all think of the new title area of eGriz.com at the top of each page? Leave a note here and tell us what you think of it!! Thanks, eGriz.com
I think the top would look better with a UNI Panther gobbling up the UM Grizzly Bear
Or Better still it might look better with a frustrated Panther taking a sucker punch in the Grizzly's nuts and then the Griz still beating the Panther..... Or maybe it looks fine as it is.
Hey there again, I have done some more work to eGriz.com. I changed the navigation on the left of the pages, re-did the page layout so it fits on smaller screen resolutions, and changed some of the coloring. What do you think of these changes?

Most of the changes are only done on the homepage for the time being.

Thanks, eGriz.com
Nice work eGriz; I like how this page opperates. Now we just have to work on getting more bodies over here.
Very true, very true. I am trying to figure out ways to get people involved with the website. I don't have very much mony to spend on this project, so I can't really pay for advertising. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Just remember, the more people that come here, the better your experience will be. More people can bring more information. Thanks for all you Griz supporters so far!! eGriz.com