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Coach Kennedy



So why isn't Coach Kennedy's family moving to Missoula? Is UofM being used for another one of his "stepping stones"? :-?
He has to have a good season before he feels it's save to move the family here. Lets face it...he is taking over for a confrence champ.... it would be easy to not suceed.
Winning the conference this past year obviously didn't matter anyway to Wayne Hogan and George Dennison!! Kennedy hasn't been in Missoula much since he has taken the job. I don't think he has the interest in our program that Missoula had hoped for.
Is that 100% true about his back/etc? If his back is so bad that he can't spend a summer in Missoula, then how can he make it through a school year, when he'll have to be in Missoula pretty much the whole time?
I speculate that he just isn't quite ready to move yet. Sometimes moving takes some time. I think he'll be here when he is supposed to.
On the other hand if he back keeps him from his duties as coach then I'd hope we'd get someone who can perform coaching duties 100%.
I am speculating only because it already was reported that his back was really bad else where and he was going to spend time with his chiropractor. He has missed some games with Depaul because of his back. Backs can be a real pain sometimes and not the easiest things to fix. As for this coming season, there is no evidence so far that it will be a problem this fall and winter during the basketball season. People shouldn't get all strung up because the coach isn't here during the summer. Tinkle should be able to handle all the off season duties.
I did some asking around and found out nothing concrete.
I agree that backs can be a pain in the , umm, well, back. :)
Still, I agree that Tinkle should be able to handle the off season, summer stuff, but really, should he have to. By my way of thinking I don't see that any coach would be doing anything much yet. by the time school starts, however, a head coach needs to be on campus and attending to his coaching duties bad back or not. :D
Kennedy still isn't in Missoula, he is at his summer home in the Hamptons!! Apparently he has worked less than 15 days in his office at Adams Center since he was hired!! Great choice HOGAN!! ~ and DENNISON!! He doesn't even attend the mandatory coaches meeting and you (Hogan) make excuses for him! Great addition to the U of M??? Right, you just helped out one of your friends and lied to other people who thought you were their friend! This is one person along with many many others who will never attend a Griz basketball game until you ~ HOGAN ~ are long gone from Missoula and from U of M. Oh other news, ~ we hear someone is "making" Kennedy pay the difference for flying First Class, since he said that is the only way he would fly, ya right, he is probably getting something under the table to cover that too!! :evil:
Hey Sarge 1, do you think you can be anymore negative! I think Coach Kennedy will be very successful here and restore excitement, a positive atmosphere and increased attendance (long lacking!) to GRIZ BB! He has already done a fine job in the area of recruiting and adding assistant coaches!
I don't really don't pay much attention to bball but it seems obivous that Kennedy will be a positive of the griz. He has already made the schedule a lot more interesting by some how getting the team in the Great Alaskan shoot out and going to play Purdue. This will get the team more exposure and better players in the future. After these type of games the BSC will be much easier compition rather than a step up like when they played the likes of Simon Fraser before conference play. Hopefully, kennedy can bring in some more out of state guys. I hate to be brutal be lets face it Montana just isn't a basketball meca and it never will be so maybe he can get a higher quality player from out of state. I'm sure he still has a few connections in Chigago and if he could possibly get a few of those guys you'll see a much better and more exiting brand of basketball played in the Adams Center.
Rumor has it that Kennedy spent very little time recruiting HS players.....
rumor also has it that PK did some heavy work in the JC ranks.
That tells me he's happy with the very young players but would like some jrs and srs.
If nothing else Kennedy will recruit some good players for UM.
GrizWhiz, just stating the truth, not my fault it is negative. As they say, sometimes the truth hurts!!
Unfortunately you weren't speaking the truth. He is in Missoula. Sometimes the lack of truth hurts worse.
True, while I agree with you in princliple, Kennedy even said himself he didnt spend much time in Missoula. Whatever that means. Still, it seems he was doing his job recruiting. And seeing as there aren't many JCs in Missoula, its no biggie. :D
the real test is what happens this winter and next spring/summer.
Then we'll see what the real deal is.
Yep, I know he probably wasn't in Missoula at the time this thread was started. My last post just stated he is in Missoula now as he was to give some talk this week I think or late last week. It was in the Missoulian, forgot which day. Besides, doesn't head coach usually assign some assistant coach to head recruiting and he just oversees it? I think I read a Lady Griz program and Shannon Cate is responsible for recruiting. I suspect it to be the same with men's side. Of course, this isn't meant to say Selvig doesn't have a hand in recruiting. Just somebody else handles the logistics and grunt work. Wayne Tinkle was probably working all summer on recruiting and summer camps.
Heck, the men should have Shannon Cate play for them. In many cases she would be better than the male griz bball players of the recent past.