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Coach Clark dies



Former Grizzly Track and Cross Country coach Marshall Clark died last week (9/30/02) while on a training run with his Saratoga California High School girls cross country team. Marshall was 68 years old. A college standout runner at USC, Marshall later coached at Stanford University, the University of Montana, and San Jose State. Olympians Don Kardong and Tony Sandoval are just two of the world class athletes coached by Marshall. While at UM in 1978-1980, Coach Clark coached Grizzly greats Dave Gordon, Tom Raunig (UM's current coach), and Dale Giem. Marshall brought out the very best efforts from his athletes. He truly cared for those he coached, and he loved the sport like no other. Everyone on his Montana teams, me included, will miss him very much. Signed, Tim Fox (UM, 1976-80)