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Already in search of a ticket!!


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My sister is travelling from El Paso, TX for Griz/Cat game and I thought I had a ticket lined up but it fell through so I am resorting to begging! :cry:
Does anyone have an extra ticket to the Griz/Cat game?
I know this is an early request (haven't even received season tickets yet) but I figured I'd better start early! You can e-mail me at
[email protected].

I sit with a large group of people, and historically, if the temp. dips below 40 degrees, a large portion of the ladies head to the Press Box to watch the game in the comfort of a smoke filled sports bar. As that time approaches, we'll obviously know more about what the weather will be doing.

There is also the ever present group of people selling tickets at the game. If you/she get there early enough, its a sure thing that you can get a ticket or two.

FYI - A friend went to pick up his season tickets at the field house yesterday and they have a sign saying that except for a few of the earlier non-conference games, all tickets are completely sold out.

Gotta Love those Griz!