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A game to past the time.......


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I thought that since we are going nuts waiting to find out who the next coach is....wee could play a game. It is called name that 1-AA stadium.

I know you can look at the properties and figure out where it is from....but don't. Just try to guess by looking at the stadium.

Who ever get this one, gets to summit the next one. Bet? OK.

This is a 1-AA stadium....it has a seating capacity of 10,000. Artificle surface. Opened in 1998 is home to the football and FIELD HOCKEY teams. Name that stadium......

Ok....tater was right...but I got my pants in a wad right now.....freaking goin nuts......So here's another one.

This Stadium has been host to several playoff games includuing one with Montana. It has a seating capacity of 20,630. It's surface is sprinTurf. And the home team won it's 100th home tilt Oct. 13, 2001 against SW Missouri ST. Name that 1-AA Stadium....

Ok....This is a tuff one! It now seats 17,000 but use to seat over 26,000. The Griz have played here quite a few times over the last 6 years. Name That 1-AA stadium.......

Ok, easy one to name the school but I will give a bonus point to whoever can tell me what kind of animal a saluki is.