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A brand new reason I hate MSU


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I went down to the Adams Center today to pick up my tickets for the Griz/Cat men's game in Bozeman on 1/25/03. I was hoping to get seats behind the Griz bench, because visiting fans are generally seated behind their team's bench for road games.

Apparently, the MSU student section is directly behind both team benches, so my tickets are bumped up to the 10th row. I just hate those cheap bastards. At least this way I can throw debris on top of MSU students who deserve it.

Maybe I'm kidding, maybe not.
I hope you are not kidding J-man. Talk to GGG about how to stratigically drop nachos on those in the way. I hear, in his case, that the cheese will render a trumpet or flute useless. In your case I can see some MSU nuckleheads cowboy hats rendered useless.
Someday, somewhere, some kid holding a picolo is going to come up and kick me in the nuts... and I'll have you to thank for it Jah... :wink: