Reggie Bradshaw

It is the offseason and we all are aware of the on goings through multiple media outlets of what is going on with the current team. Chris and I had a discussion of what would we could do to help shine the spotlight on something else Griz football related, so we came up with the idea of catching up with past players in a “Where are they now” blog series. I hope to do this weekly to bi-weekly and would really appreciate your input. Also if you have any questions you would like to ask former players please let me know and I will possibly add them into the arsenal of interview questions!

The first part of this series will begin with a good friend of mine, Reggie Bradshaw a 2008 graduate who was a running back during his time at UM. Reggie was a transfer from Louisville where he shared some carries with the current NFL pro Micheal Bush.

Reggie currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he is a personal trainer and manager at the Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club. While working on multiple certifications and training a multitude of clients, Reggie also finds time to work with a professional bobsled team, trains for MMA and is active in the Crossfit community.

I asked Reggie to share with me his overall experience of being a Griz past and present and he responded with this?

“My overall experience, was first it has one of the best fans in college. From rain, to sleet to snow everyone is always there. The following is just awesome. I always received a warm welcome and even now when I come back people are always very kind.”

Are there any memories of playing football that stands out the most?

“Obviously my first touchdown was very memorable, but the thing that sticks out the most is after I got hurt and was shutdown for the season, there was so much support coming out of the tunnel, everyone still had my back. That was by far the memory that sticks out the most.”

Has being part of Grizzly football helped you out in life now? What were the major influences of being a Griz?

“Football in general gave me a chance to be a role model, this has translated into my personal and professional career. It helped instill a winning mentality and how to get things done. I learned how to arise to any challenge.”

What was your experience like at the University of Montana athletically and academically?

“Athletically, I would have to say, I chose to transfer to one of the most competitive teams in 1AA and the stadium/crowd played a huge factor in that decision. Academically- professors were very accommodating to our demanding schedules but they were very fair. To me, my education was key.” (Reggie graduated with a Sociology degree and a Psychology minor).


I also asked Reggie if he had heard of and his thoughts about a fan site dedicated to college athletics, here was his response:

“Ya I have heard of it, I think it is a great place for fans to get together and talk about their team. I always hope though that the fans realize that we are more than just athletes, we are young men. Same thing with coaches, realize they are people and to always take that into consideration.”

Reggie has taken his experience at the University of Montana to better himself in life and even more importantly help attain his future goals of opening up his own training facility.

“I plan on opening an athletic training academy to help train young men and women in any sport they want to compete in. Helping kids attain their athletic goals the right way is my ultimate goal. I plan on adding to my 15 certifications within the near future to help me, help others.”

I can say this, Reggie is a very humble human being, all biases aside, his kindness and care for others will most definitely help him obtain whatever he sets his sights on. He is a great product of the University system and is a great example of how well the Grizzly football program shapes young men. If you are a twitter user go give him a follow @thego2guy26.