Tyler Adair, a Grizzly Soccer player sings for youtube, and she does it wonderfully!

Born in Long Beach and raised in San Diego, Tyler Adair is a card-carrying member of the Katy Perry era of the sisterhood, but she is so much more. She is Cameron Diaz crossed with Megan Rapinoe, but only if you throw in Celine Dion’s pipes.

All of which makes the pressing question not who broke Tyler Adair’s heart, but why on earth would he?

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I never knew what they meant, when they said they’re free falling while standing still
I was confused when they said they feel drunk, when they’re sober, I was without a clue
They claimed the world it froze for a second, but I know that’s impossible
To lose your mind but still feel fine, I didn’t know, till I met you.

Cause you crushed me, kept me, held so, gently
And of course its gonna hurt when you take it away
It’s cool, I’m fine, I’ll be, alright
But I promise you one thing, you’ll miss me someday

Between you and me, we were perfect, we were breathless, we seemed worth it
Between you and me, I was happy, you were contagious, catch you laughing

And you… (chorus)

Sometimes I like to pretend that you’re
Holding me in your arms again
Thinking about the good times we went through
I’ll be the first to say I miss you
But here’s the thing,
I say in all honesty
I don’t want leaving me,
To be anywhere near easy…

But you…(chorus)