In a somewhat shocking yet completely understandable action, the Montana Grizzly Football players are no longer allowed to use Twitter while a member of the team. The source of the banning isn’t quite clear as I’ve heard rumors that it was the coaches decision as well as rumors that it was a collective decision of the Seniors on the football team.

[UPDATE] Jean Gee updated me with the following information: “This decision was 100% the senior leaders of the team. Then when presented to the team, it was a very high majority (if not all) that supported it and went along willingly.” Thanks for the clarification Jean.

No matter where the decision came from, I do believe it to be a smart choice. Last year a twitter controversy hit the Stony Brook football team when Linebacker Matt Faiella was said to have used “an inappropriate and offensive racial reference on his Twitter page to describe Towson University student-athletes.” and resulted in a suspension for Faiella as well as disqualification penalty against the Stony Brook University football team, which will be enforced the next time the Seawolves are in the championship.

Because both Towson and Stony Brook were participating in the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) championships at the time of the tweet, it was considered championship misconduct, the release explained.

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Whether you feel that the NCAA, coaches or anyone else should/shouldn’t have control over personal uses of social media, this is one way to prevent some major backlash against the team which does affect the program as a whole, players, coaches, and fans alike. I don’t want Twitter to hurt Griz Nation and I don’t believe you do either.

Tweets reaching out to Griz Football players for comments were not returned.

HA, just kidding!

What are your thoughts on this action and the twitter issues for college athletes?