Buy/Sell Griz Tickets

Here at we provide a resource for all fans to buy and sell unused Griz tickets at no cost! We have one simple rule.

You can’t sell them for over face value

We as a Griz community should help others in need and selling at face value or less is one easy way to do that; plus, it helps fill the stadium and keep up the gameday atmosphere that we have grown to love.

Buy and Sell your tickets here

Griz Season Tickets

Starting July 5th of each year, a limited number of Grizzly Football Season tickets will be available for purchase. Additional processing and Grizzly Scholarship Association fees may apply. All sales are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and payment is due at the time of purchase.

Due to the success of the football program and interest in season tickets, the Adams Center Box Office and the UM Athletic Department no longer maintain a waiting list. Requests received prior to July 1st, 2011 are null and void.

The Football renewal Early Bird deadline is April 1st. Season tickets are regular price from April 2nd to the May 1st deadline. After the 15th all unpaid season seats and parking will be dropped from all customer accounts. Tickets will be mailed at the beginning of August.

Get your Season Tickets at the Adams Center Box Office, by phone at (406) 243-4051 or

Single Griz Game Tickets

A limited number of single home game tickets will be available at the Adams Center Box Office, by phone at (406) 243-4051, and other GrizTix outlets on the first Monday in August each year.

On the week of home games any student tickets not claimed will go on sale Thursday mornings at 8:30 a.m. at the Adams Center Box Office, by phone and other GrizTix outlets.

Student Griz Tickets

Student tickets to Griz home games are no extra cost – consider it FREE. Student Ticket costs are covered by the Athletic Fee which must be included in your UM bill in order for you to receive a student ticket.

Student Ticket Distribution is the Monday prior to each Griz home game. The Source opens at 7:45am and begins ticket distribution at that time.

Students must present their Griz Card and their Griz Card only (they don’t accept your friend’s, girlfriend/boyfriend’s, roommate’s, dude’s down the hall or the gal’s you met last night Griz card).

Get in line early for your buddy pass as there are ONLY 400 guest passes available per home game. The buddy pass is $10.00 (1 guest pass per student until they’re gone).