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You wanted to have a blanket party with Joe Glenn, too...


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Remember, I was one of them, too. He lost to Hofsta and the entire state of Montana wanted this guy to go back to delivering beer.

I'm not saying Hauck will turn everything around, I'm still a bit amazed by the play calling, inappropriate plays at inappropriate times. But who knows? Maybe he'll listen to the voices around Missoula and make some changes. I agree with a lot of you, the team has no heart or leadership. They rolled over and died in the second half.

When it comes to nut-cutting time all you have to remember is that there is a lot of money involved here. The Montana Grizzlies are a winning program. Hogan (viva las vegas) and King George realize how important this is, a losing team would be a catastrophy to the financial well-being at the University of Montana. Not in the first season, but maybe after that and definitely after that. The Griz will never drop to the bottom of the cellar and stay there, for business purposes. It's sad but true.

Something will be done. The forces that be will make an executive decision, play 'puppetteer' so to speak. It was a bad Saturday. I'm still giving Hauck an honest shot. I still have faith, it just got rattled a bit when the Bison ran over us.

Go Griz.