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Yet Another Game....Things "I" Don't Like


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1. Not having season tickets
2. The little stick on things on player's helmets for some kinda' great play.
3. Liver
4. Beets
5. Marshall University
6. Not knowing how to use Windows XP (yet)
7. When a woman leaves the lid down
8. And most of all...loosing to the Bobcats.
You wouldn't be talking about those pretty Buckeye pride stickers now would you :wink:

Not at all...GOD Bless the Buckeyes on a great game. Ididn't even like those stickers when I played in High School. I just don't see the purpose...other than someone make a good play, or having a good game.

I hope the Griz don't ever decide to do it...just seeing the Griz logo on their helmets is enough.
I think it is cool to have individual awards but maybe they should save it for the end of the season. During the season it should be all about the team.
I think that's what I meant to say, cadwiz, but it just came out "I don't like those sticky things on the player's helmets". Now if my girlfriend starts putting them on the toilet seat lid...she's done. GO GRIZ!!!