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Yeah yeah yeah, we beat EWU... Now for the real payback!!!!


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Kick butt, we beat EWU, but that's small poop compaired to the real payback ahead of us. Screw the Eagles anyways. Small time program this year as far as I'm concerned. I want to smoke the cats sooooooo bad :fist: 0X .

F you MSU :fist: 0X !!!!
Shakermaker said:
... the real payback ahead of us. I want to smoke the cats sooooooo bad!

I am with you Shaker. Let's take care of the Bobcats next week and get our revenge.

Go Griz!
As far as I'm concerned this is THE GAME! Sure we have a Big Sky Conference co-title and a playoff spot assured, but we must smash the Cats and smash them good, so that they even forget how to meow. We must make them squeak like the little rats that they are!!

The GRIZ should show no mercy and leave Bozeman with their being no doubt, let me say that again, NO DOUBT over who the Big Sky Conference Champion is!

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