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WSU Opening???


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ESPN Radio just reported that Mike Price (WSU) is interested in the UCLA job if it opens up. That would create an interesting opening/operating for our coaching staff. WSU is not against hiring from I-AA. I think Price came from Weber to WSU.
He did come from Weber St.

My opinion is that he is overrated as a head coach. Look what happened to the Cougars vs Huskies after a week off. Cougars also struggled against ARizona earlier in the year after a week off. Look for the Cougs to lay an egg this weekend vs UCLA after 2 weeks off. He is way too amiable as a head coach, very likeable but doesn't enforce enough discipline. Any player that sucker punches another player should have been kicked off the team immediately!

It would be cool to see Griz coaches stick around the NW, but lets concentrate on winning our 3rd NC first.

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