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Who pissed off Waller? And can we get him to give Waller a talkin to every gameday?

Maybe Lex gettin the start was enough to get him goin! He is killin people!!!!! The line is Workin it too! hard to tell who is who over the net, but we've had some Oline pullin and makin big blocks. That is REAL good to see!
I agree. I think losing his starting job to a true frosh really got him in gear. Man that was nice to see. That is the Flashes of Waller I remember from last year.
Well Geauxgriz,I spent 4 lovely hours with my wife watching the game today in sction 109 row 2. I'm still very supportive of the players & coaches,but I'm really beginning to wonder where the hell is the offense that Hauk said we would have. I had a bad feel in mystomach in the first half feeling that maybe the OC was going to blow this game also. I beginning to think that the coaches don't have much faith in Disney or they are trying to give him time to get the rust out of his head.
I got to thinking during the game about our posts & begin to wonder if you are available for an offensive coordinators job if Hauk needs a new OC. Seem like allot of people believe highly in what you say in your game analysis,so you couldn't do any worse than our current OC. Phencies play calling seems even more conservative that Joe Glenn's.
I agree that if the players & coaches don't get it together on offense & become more imagitive,its going to be a very loooong season & we will be lucky to have another winning season. I have to admit tht I got really frustrated during the first half & my wife had to calm me down a few times because I couldn't believe the way the game played out. Hopefully, the Griz will have the Sh****t together for the Vandals or we are going to get creamed. Hope this meets with mutual respect!!!