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Wow 3 teams from the BSC


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Looks like a nice road for us if we take revenge out on WIU and UMass takes down Aquafresh...er Colgate :D
I'm really happy for NAU -- hope they can get at least a first round win. It's good for them and good for the Big Sky!
I am happy for NAU also. I was kind of expecting NAU to be more favorably bracketed and play UNI and Bobcats playing McNeese State, but that isn't what happened.

But NAU and UMASS can make things a little easier for Griz, if they win. As long as Griz take care of things, and NAU and UMASS win, Griz will be at home. Must have the seeded teams lose.

Plus, there is always a remote chance Griz can get revenge against the bobcats in the championship game.

Personally, I think the Bobcats have a good chance in first game, but next game, I kind of doubt it. Bobcats were put in a bracket that is more difficult than the Griz.
This is outstanding! Three BSC teams! I think the rest of the 1-AA is going to find out how tough the BSC was this year. The top 3 or 4 teams could have taken turns beating each other even after playing 20 games...

I'm betting all three teams advance after the first round. Delaware drew a tough first round...wow.

BTW, nice win kitty fan. Your team proved that given a few breaks...even a lesser team can pull out another skinny win. Your smug attitude about it is laughable though...bottom line...it's a flook again. Deal with it. You guys are so sickening that if you drew Iraq the first round, I'd pull for Iraq.

Can't wait for the first playoff game!