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Willie and I agree!!!!


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I was at the Montana State basketball game when they dropped down their conference championship banner, and when we were at Idaho State, their banner said co-champions, too,'' said Griz tight end Willie Walden. "Those guys got rings for that and that's unacceptable for us. I had to sit there in the halftime and watch them bring down their conference banner and that made me sick."
I found it interesting that MSU and ISU both awarded rings to their players while UM decided not to. The BSC championship is a stepping stone for the Griz.
I find it interesting that ISU's said "co-champions", and Meth U's said "champions" Uh folks - that is "tri-champions".
Here's a question: Does Max Baucus refuse to speak to Conrad Burns because Burns calls himself Montana Senator and not Montana Co-Senator?
Thats the dumbest comparison I have ever hear. The United States Constitution says that there are to be two Senators from each state. They are not sharing the same seat, therefore they are not co. However, here in the Big Sky, there were three conference cham,pions last year, so you should refer to yourselfs as co. In Missoula, we say that we have gotten a share of the Big Sky title. Something to think about huh? And do they even teach Government at MSU?
TCU won't get to play for a national championship even if they end their season undefeated. Strength of schedule blah blah blah.....That being said.....Do you think that the Cats with 5 losses, soon to be six, represented themselves well this year as defending BSC "Champs"? Do they deserve a shot in the playoffs? The 29th ranked Cats? Do you really think they are good? If so, what's the excuse for the 5 losses so far? You must have felt lucky to get by NAU. Great win for you...but lucky you have to admit.

I understand you feel you need to be supportive of your team just as we support ours, but I would bet that Griz fans would not expect to be in the hunt for anything with five losses.

One of us is going to be very dissappointed Saturday evening. I have a feeling it will be you. I could be wrong but I doubt it.
I was at that basketball game too, and their halftime ceremony made me sick as well. I've never seen so many people revel in the joy of a 7-6 season. If Prairie View went 7-6, they would be about as thrilled...maybe.
Seems like a fine comparison to me... the three teams weren't all sharing the same spot in the standings either although I don't know what the US Constitution says about the football issue. Burns and Baucus are both Montana Senators. MSU, UM, and ISU are all 2002 Big Sky Football Champions. There's no need to stick a co in front of it to make it correct.

By the way, I got an A in Government.
I'll type slow so you can understand MSU01. The Senate seats are for two slots - different positions. Baucus and Burns do not compete with each other for one slot. The equivalent to a co-Senate seat is if two people tied in the election and had to share their votes (the two together are one vote in Congress). The equivalent in football to Baucus and Burns would be calling Florida (if they won the SEC) and Florida St (if they won the ACC) co-champions because they are from the same state.

You're argument making sense to you says a lot about you - not your argument.
Ronbo - you said it. With my handicaps, I'm happy and lucky to just be able to function (somewhat) in society. Have to be happy with what I can do, cause I can't do much unfortunately.
Just having fun buddy. Most everyone I've ever met except Secretaries are pretty lousy typers.
I'm just having fun with you too - I actually type about 60 words a minute. My wife claims it is my one and only talent (ouch). Also, my main job duty is secretary, so your theory still holds.
After 11 months and 26 days... you guys STILL can't let this go? That's quite sad. I apologize for not taking the time to come up with an analogy that can't be disputed via minor details that aren't exactly the same in the two situations.

I was trying to make a simple point. Just because two people/teams/entities share the same name/title doesn't mean they must always be referred to as co-whatevers. If you can't grasp that you're the one who needs the s---l---o---w t---y---p---i---n---g.
MSU01, I've generally liked your posts, but that analogy IS pretty poor. There are lotsa fitting analogs in government better than that. Couldn't you understand Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Antonin Scalia being somewhat miffed if Sandra Day O'Connor walked around saying, "I'm THE Supreme Court Justice" and the media picked it up and in interviews and reports acted like she was the only SC Justice? Especially when the others were careful to refer to themselves as "one of the Supreme Court Justices"?
Alright, that one's kludgy too, but hopefully it helps to illustrate. And hopefully those names I randomly made up are actual names of Supreme Court Justices so you won't know I flunked Remedial Government 050.

And don't make fun of my slow typing, I have to type slow because my other hand is... occupied.