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Why was JH not a primary KO returner last week?


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If my eyes didn't deceive me, LV got to be the lone kickoff returner against PSU on all kickoffs. With all due respect to LV, who is also a considerable talent, does anyone know why Jefferson Heidelberger was not in as a prime returner in the double-returner set as in the past?

I mean, don't look now, but JH is second in the country in kickoff return average.

Let's not waste this talent. On top of that, he's overdue for another long one, maybe all the way to the house.

Maybe BH was just trying a changeup (like the lateral to Tuff).

Get JH more into the mix, please?!? Especially in the Sac State game, in his hometown area. I doubt any of us will be sorry if you do.
I agree with Crunch. JH is the better kick off returner. He is faster than LV. It won't matter this weekend playing indoors at altitude. Let's hope Hauck has Snyder kick it out of the end zone.

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