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Who's the Sack King?

Agent 00Pike

Well-known member
Who is UM's all-time career sack leader, and where does Tim Bush currently place on the list? Probably safe to say that he will increase his account tomorrow!
Current King: Andy Petek

Future King: Tim Bush, averaged 1.1 spg last year and before this season started needed five to break the record.
What is Petek's total right now? I checked the links on UM's website, but I keep getting a screen with undersize print much to small for my overage eyes! :bad-words:
Try this Pike,

Go to your VIEW at the top of your browser. Go to TEXT SIZE. Click LARGER or LARGEST. That should bring the text size up to a readable size.
Turner Brown said:
Hey, my wife has been looking to click on LARGER and LARGEST for 15 years. :eek:

Don't sell yourself "short" Turner, everything's BIG in Montana!!