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Who is going to be the "X" factor and why?


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O.K., the board seems pretty quiet lately so here is a new topic for ya.

For the purposes of this topic, lets assume that everyone plays at least close to their potential and injuries are not a factor (big assumption I know, but lets assume that anyway.)

I think that the "X" factor for this season, or the player who will make the "most" difference in the fortunes of the Grizzlies will be..........................Justin Green!

My reasons for this prediction are that with our redifined passing attack, teams are going to want to load the defensive side of the ball with as many defensive backs as they can get away with. To keep these teams a little more honest, I feel we will need to have a 120 - 130 yds/gm rushing attack.

Justin Grren looks to me to be the type of back that I would fear most in an offense such as ours. He's a big POWERFULL runner and appears to have decent speed. I watched him for the few plays he was in during the 1st scrimmage and I really liked what I saw. My first comment to the people I was with was, "This kid is going to hurt some people in the Leauge". I think once he gets past the line of scrimmage he will be a LOAD to bring down. Anyone trying to tackle him above the knees will be hurting the next morning! I expect to see a lot of 10 - 20 yard gains from him this year.

Anyway, that's my opinion!

3 days left!!!!
I hope you're right. Being in Great Falls I don't get to see, or have the perspective that many of you have. It is great to see your comments and look forward to seeing him perform for myself. Thanks for the comments and encouragement for our running game.
I think our special teams (JH AND LV) will be a big factor. After watching many pratices it looks like our return schemes will be awesome. Look for several td returns this year!!!!! Is it Saturday yet? :wink:
I think the key players will be Tyler Thomas on Defense and Willie Walden. Thomas is unproven and with an inexperienced corner on one side and him, I'm still a little nervous. Although, with Edwards and Scholle, we have to have the best backups in the league. Walden needs to stay healthy, which hopefully allows him to be used more as a catching TE. Also, How can he not be a force in running siutations? It's like having six offensive lineman out there.
I believe that the "X" Factor is going to be the reciever that steps up adn becomes our gambreaker and the person that Disney is going to ride when the game is close and we need a big play. The great griz teams always had some one like this whether it was Mike Rice, Shalon Baker, Matt Wells, Matt Clark, Definatley DOUGLAS, and Jimmy Farris.

Since Farris there has not been a complete go to reciever on our team. Especially in this high octane offense we are going to need someone. Whether it is Segars, Hanckokc or Talmadge it doesnt really matter.

For my money I believe that it is going to be Jefferson Heidelberger. A good running back will be nice but I beleive that anyone will be able to run behind the line that we have this year. The reciever postition is KEY

what do you think about this
Good responses!


I was very impressed with the special teams during that 1st scrimmage, except of course the opening fumble on the kickoff! LV and JH were VERY good. Seemed like they could run at will!

I just wonder though, and won't know for sure until the Maine game, is our
return game that good, or was it poor coverage? I'm getting old and my eyes couldn't focus on the entire field like they used to!


Willie Walden could be a force to be reconed with in this Leauge, if he wants to be. Great size and I think he has VERY "soft" hands. Lets hope that "he wants to be"!


Your right about a "go to receiver". In my opinion, the closet we had to a "go to" receiver last year was Talmadge and he was just starting to assert himself in that role (or Edwards was just starting to look for him), when he got hurt.

While Talmadge was out, our offense really had a hard time (Eastern Washington and that other group of people we played that day when hell froze over). LV tried to pickup the slack but was double covered and even with his abilities, LV is not as good of a "physical" target as Talmadge. Plus I think Talmadge has the best hands of any of our recievers which I have seen.

I'm still touting Green as the X factor though. I just can't see him getting arm or "shirt" tackled like some of our smaller backs did last year. He's a lot like Yo H. was only bigger and I think stronger. When he gets hit, the pile will still move forward. If he is successfull and can get past the line of scrimmage (which I think he will, especially when the defensive side is full of small linebackers or defensive backs), it will take one heck of a collission to bring him down, or leg and ankel tackles which will still mean he's in the open and chewing up yardage. The defenses will have to respect his running ability and keep some "slower" run stopping linebackers in the game, thus insuring more passing lanes and open areas for our passing attack.

I'm going to call it now! One of the most used plays this coming year in normal yardage situations and especially 2nd and 6 - 12, will be a draw to Green. It will be a called play or when the defense is full of defensive backs and are off the line, Disney will audible to it! Green will run it! Defensive backs will cry!
Totally agree with Geaux on this one. Although there could be 10 x-factors on this squad. But I think JH will be THE x-factor.
Nobody has mentioned Waller and he was named the starter if I read right. He must be doing some nice things. I wonder if he is slated to get more playing time than Green due to his ability to catch the rock. Any thoughts on this. Everybody has been making some valid points so far.
Waller will be the starter...and has been running well. And with our O-line, you make a very good point. Early in the year last year I wasn't impressed with Waller, he was going east/west too much trying to find a seam, but you could see he had plenty of ablitity and just needed to find his rhythm. He really improved each game and found his style. Being that I was a RB in HS I know that the more you get used to your blockers the more you see the holes and the more you can anticipate. Waller is great at following blockers and then just breaking out when he sees his opportunity. He will not doubt be a factor, hopefully of the x type as well.

Will Saturday just get here already...damn its been a long wait.
For the Maine Game.......

The "X" Factor for this game will be the Defensive line and Linebackers. If they shut down the powerful running game of Maine and apply pressure on the young QB, then it will be a long, long day for Maine. The ball will be turned over often to our Offense giving them the opportunity to work the bugs out and get comforable with the new Offense. It will also give the Offense early confidence and they will open it up knowing the Defense will back them up 110% if a few mistakes are made.

The "X" factor for the season will be the Quarterback. That will make or break the season.
VictorG said:
For the purposes of this topic, lets assume that everyone plays at least close to their potential and injuries are not a factor (big assumption I know, but lets assume that anyway.)

I think that the "X" factor for this season, or the player who will make the "most" difference in the fortunes of the Grizzlies will be..........................

Great topic Victor, but I have difficulty choosing. QB is the most important position in our team's success. Disney is the X-man.

Bottom line is, that we should be really strong if QB Disney has a kick-ass year. Our defense should be superb, so if Disney has a MVP year we can win the conference and go really deep into the playoffs. You said we can assume that others play up to potential, so the receivers, running backs and O-Linemen will produce results.

Go Griz!

Defense is what wins championships, So I have to pick the Griz defense backs as the primary X factor.

Defensive line and line backers I expect to do an outstanding job, barring injury. Outside Decoite and Vernon Smith, for the Griz to win the other DB's have to pick it up big time. If they do, Griz will win the Big Sky and get into the NC.

Polhemus at CB, and Dellaselva at DB or CB could be the secondary X factor that makes the big difference between playoffs and NC.
The true X factor is that big ole cotton eyed joe dancing wonder that makes it on the Jumbotron every week.

I expect a breakout season from him.

Maybe a better topic would be " Who isn't going to be an X factor for the Griz this weekend?"

It would save a lot of time and typing. :wink: