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Where to watch the Griz in Portland?

BellevueGriz said:
I just moved from Dillon to Portland today. What bars show the Grid football games on satellite?

From Dillon to Portland yet your name is Bellevue Griz???? I'm confused!
Good luck... Oregon is a tough place to find Griz games. Hell, it's a tough place to find PSU games... I did watch one Griz-Cat game at the Grand Central. It's a bowling alley/sports bar on the Central Eastside area of Portland, across the river from downtown over the Morrison Bridge.
I just moved back to Missoula after being in Portland for 7 years. I actually coordinated the Griz Cat parties. For my dollar, Claudia's is the place to be. On Deck may also have the game on.
Claudias has been on the decline lately for Griz games. Last year I only saw one or two other fans every week. The owner never upgraded to HD satellites when KPAX went HD signal and as a result the games were shown on a TV hooked up to a laptop, which last season would take almost a half to get streaming properly, if at all. Maybe things have changed this year? Call and find out, and please let others know if they have the games back on satellite! Fun place to watch a game regardless, cheap beer, good pizza and lots of groups of fans gathered to watch their team.
Thanks for the info guys... I will check out Claudia's and look for some other places.
...and yes. Born and raised in Bellevue, WA. Moved to Dillon, MT four years ago to coach football at UMW. Moving to Portland because my fiance took a job with the Forest Service regional headquarters.
Sorry Bellevue, I think I came off harsh on Claudias. The owner really tries to facilitate the Griz games and in past years we've had many people there every Saturday to watch games. I think last year was a harsh decline with a lot of games on Root. Staff usually works very hard and goes out of their way to show Griz games there. Maybe we'll see you there one of these weekends! :thumb:
I will be there! Im a more stocky guy wearing a maroon griz shirt and a blad head. Swing on by! I may or may not be cursing at the tv.