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Where is Grand Valley State ?


New member
This guy sounds like he might be a good one. Where is Grand Valley State located ?

Thanks for the help. I'm a new member and long time Griz lover. Lets keep our heads up and remember the Griz will always rule in our hearts and minds and next year we will rule the Big Sky in football again.
Grand Valley State University is in Allendale, Michigan. 12 miles from Grand Rapids. Enrollment 15,676. Actually a bigger school than Montana.
Allendale has a population of 12,000 approximately, but it is a suburb of Grand Rapids 187,000.
If they're bigger than us, they probably have more money. Won't they spend the money to keep their coach instead of allowing him to come our way?
Grand Valley State's opponent tomorrow in the National Championship game is not chopped liver! Valdosta State is 14-0 and has won 27 straight regular season games, including 23 conference wins in a row. GVSU is 13-0 this year. A battle of the unbeatens -- it should be entertaining. It is on ESPN at 2 pm.
100proof, Kelly knows that if he wants to "move up" it would be helpfull to have 1-aa experience under his belt. and there is no better place than UM for that.