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when was Last time ISU beat Griz


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I am too lazy to look this up (in too much pain), can someone help me out here. overall and at home vs away. thanks
the last loss was in 1994 @ Idaho State (28-23)

Before that loss it was back in 1984 @ Idaho State (43-3)

The last Home Loss to ISU was 1983 (31-17)
It was 1994. The week before the game, Super Dave injured his ankle in a Bronco blowout at Boise State. Dave may have tried to play against ISU, I can't remember, but after his injury, the team was not the same. The key score came after the center stepped on the quarterback's foot after snapping the ball. The QB landed on his back and the ball came loose. One of the bungholes' big linemen scooped up the ball and rumbled a long ways downfield for the score. He was out of breath when he got there. It was a lousy ISU team that managed to beat an injured Griz crew that was just becoming a big sky power. The loss had nothing in common with last week's, except the result.