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What's with the Griz Defense?


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Are we PLAYING DOWN TO THE COMPETITION AGAIN??? The last time I checked this Sac State team lost to DivII Davis and a terrible St. Marys team for GOD'S SAKE! AND MONTANA STATE!!!!!

I just don't get it. You are either good and you romp people or you are pretenders to the throne. Which one is this Griz team??? Anyone got the answer?

But you got to give em' credit 24 straight and 10-0 this year. They find a way don't they?
Problem is that Sac St won the Offensive and defensive line battles to often and gave Montana fits. As Joe Glenn said, Sac St. will be coming in with a lot of adrenaline due to last week, and it certainly showed.
It was an ugly win...but a win. I don't like to see the D Line getting blown off the ball like that. Did anyone notice if it was a schematic error...ie leaving six men in the box or something like that...or did they just stunt away from the holes, guessing wrong all day? I can't believe that Sac St.'s O Line is physically superior to the Griz D Line.
You also have to remember all the injuries that we have on the D-Line. Those young guys will have bad days. As long as they continue to bend and not break we'll be O.K. Just think of all the experience that we are getting, our Defense will be super-tough for years!!!!
GO Griz!!!
The defense broke a couple of times. Luckily in the fourth quarter, they did step it up. Tim Bush got a big sack. Griz offense got lucky enough in the fourth quarter and got a touchdown that should never have happened if it wasn't for lady luck. Or should I call it "Edwards Luck".

I do not blame it on defensive line for this. I blame it on Sac St playing fired up football and just didn't have the 12th man to support them. That is what won the game for the Griz. Defense really picked it up with the help of the 12th man. Way to go fans!!!! GO GRIZ!!!!!!!
The Griz just seem to know how to win, what ever the situation, and that appears to be the manifesto of every true Griz fan. They just always find a way to do it despite the injuries, etc. As seen in today's game.

"They spring up under every disadvantage and working their solitary but irresistible way through a thousand obstacles." (A little help from Washington Irving on that last one.)

I ran across some stats that might explain a few things.
#1. Sac State had the ball 6 minutes and 54 seconds longer than we did.
#2. Our average rushing yards were 1.3 yards per carry. (How can this be true?)
#3. Sac State ran 17 more plays than we did.
I don't know how true or correct these stats are, or if they even mean squat, but they seem like they should be passed on. I did not make them up. And yes, I know...have your facts straight before you post...I will next time if I'm wrong on any of the above, even if I'm wrong on all three items, I'll make sure my facts are correct.

One more thing I found interesting...the Griz scored the same number of points defeating Sac State as did the Bobcats in their defeat of the Hornets. But Joe got to come to the game, lucky for us, huh?
Peace and GO GRIZZ!!!
Firstly, let me say G'Day to you all. Its my first 3 minutes here let alone first viewing of the site (and thankyou to whoever mentioned the site on www.mtgriz.com).

Next, someone in an earlier post mentioned something about luck getting us through a little in this game. Two quotes I want to share on that... "Luck has no place in sport, only desire", and "Luck will often favour a man if his courage holds" (note Australian spelling).

Finally, being Australian, I'm involved in a different code of football, but world-wide, football is football. The concept is the same... Score more than the opposition and get the win. Every great team has their bad days, and every bad team has their good days. I'm lucky enough to be involved with a team that is 127 and 1 (127 wins and 1 loss for those that don't believe it) in the last 8 years of competition. That loss came in the equivalent of a championship game 5 years ago. Being one of the coaches, its hard to 'help' the players to be better when they have that sort of record. But if the game against Sac St was the same as one of my teams games, the thing I'd be focusing on would be their commitment in the second half, and especially the fourth quarter. Alot of teams would capitulate after leading 14-0 and suddenly finding themselves 21-14 down. The Griz D really kept them in the fight (despite some lapses which kept Sac in the fight), and Edwards....Well how good is he?!?

I just wish ESPN would show the games live so I could watch them without the stop-start effect of the internet.
Grizomatic...I agree, we have got to control the ball in order to keep the defense off the field. Unfortunately we are hurting at running back. Waller did not look like himself. Thank God Gober was able to play inspired. I hope he didn't aggrevate anything. Johnny Montana came on late, but looked like he was just a bit off the entire first half. Oh well, we won.

Daniel...welcome aboard! 127-1? That is sick! Are you guys in football season right now? You must be a true football fan to find the Griz and follow them on the internet the way you do. I don't know if you can get the sattelite feed in your hemisphere but each Griz game is televised and someone on this board always knows the coordinates. Usually in America a bartender is happy to find the feed for you...I imagine it is the same in Australia, except for the time of day. Might be wierd if the game is at 3:00AM for you. Otherwise ESPN and ESPN2 will be televising the semifinals and the championship games for 1-AA, and so we expect to be on national TV twice. Anyways Good Luck to you and your team...of course, keeping in mind your Australian adages about "luck".

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