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What touchdown?



Was I the only one who saw the Dane defender "catch" the interception while his knee was down? SHEESE! And with too many pitchers I could still see that! :eek:
Maybe the ref thought his knee was on the griz player, not the ground. Your team won 45-7. Don't get greedy. Better you should ask why the starting center was still in playing in a 38-point game with 7 minutes left so he could pull a hammie.
azBear said:
Was I the only one who saw the Dane defender "catch" the interception while his knee was down? SHEESE! And with too many pitchers I could still see that! :eek:

No, unfortunately, I didn't notice it and didn't look up at that small screen they have to use before the actual big screen video comes. Can't wait for it to come. Homecoming. But it sure sounds like a lot of people did see it. If his knee was down, no touchdown and our defense would have held them for sure, and a minute later or so, our offense would be back in business again. But this is actually about the second time I have seen this kind of thing happen where receiver or defender was on ground and ball either rolls off or bounces off a player and opposing team player than picks it up before ball lands on ground. Oh well, these kind of breaks happen every once in a while and sometimes they happen at the worst possible times. Lucky, this happened when the game was pretty much all over with anyway. Whew.

It is a bummer. First interception given up by Edwards for quite some time.
Officially: The Griz D has not been scored upon...

A few points about the TD.

1. So what (see basic premise)

2. The breaks happen...if you toss the ball thirty times, sooner or later it will bounce off of your player as he is being prematurely tackled and it will bounce in the air into the hands of a defender whose knee is on the ground, and he will run for a touchdown as your offensive players wonder why the whistle is not being blown. Isn't that a verbatim quote from Woody Hayes? (Four things can happen when you throw and three of 'em ain't good...that must have been one of the not good things).

3. Offense, Defense, Special teams all looked good today! Just gotta lower the penalties and I believe no one will score on the Griz D all year.

That touchdown was not a touchdown, the defender's knee was down. I had the benefit of seeing it on TV & made the call, even before an instant replay. The ref, of course, did not have that luxury. Did it matter? No. I agree, Sportin', two games in a row that we had too many penalties. A few dumb penalties, too. I think the holding penalties are going to happen, because the officials look at the Griz more closely. I'm not being a conspiracy theorist, am I?
UA Alum--The starting center was in because he is the only healthy one available. Enger, was in the infirmery with an un-disclosed illness. Bummer on the hamstring. Your team played well, good luck the rest of the season. You can bet a lot of the Griz will be following the Danes.
The knee did look to be down. But then again I wasn't on the field looking at it. Our players obviously thought the ball was down, otherwise there would have been a swarm of Griz all over this guy. And since the whissle didn't blow they should have been, and that would have saved the TD.
Either way a shut out would have been nice. I breathed a sigh of relief at the missed FG, and spewed a borage of profanity at the INT, and call alike. The INT was definately a fluke. s* happens.

edit -

Oh, as for the starting players being left in the game; it did scare me a bit and on the surface it may have seemed like a little running up of the score (which it wasn't at all), but these starters need real game conditioning and they need to work together as much as possible. The more they play together the more they mesh as a team. Each QB needs to take real game snaps from the starting center. Same with reciever and QB's. I could go on but I think the point is there is method behind the madness.

Valiant effort by the Danes. I didn't see any frustration mistakes or anyone loose their head like I've seen by other teams who've taken a Griz beating.

Nice game Griz..