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What surprises will have the biggest impact this year?


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Most years the offense and defense have players that step up and surprise everyone and star for the team.

I believe this year will be no different. We will have great lines, that is a given and noted as the primary strength of our team this year. We have stars in Talmage and Segars on offense. Vernon Smith and the entire defensive line are the stars on defense.

But what players will step up and star this year. Who will the new Griz stars be in your opinion? What guys will have impact years?

My guesses are these.


QB Ochs or Disney or both.

RB Justin Green (I have this sneaking feeling this guy might be a huge find) A USA Today honorable mention All-America selection ... Earned first-team all-state and first-team all-county honors his senior season ... Two-time pick as Western League player of the year ... Selected to the San Diego Union Tribune all-county team ... Also a member of the Dons’ strong basketball squad ... Played on the state championship team as a junior with Luke Walton, now of Arizona, and Aztecs David Abramowitz and Chris Walton ... Recruited heavily by Texas, Texas A&M, UCLA, USC, and San Diego State. Redshirted at San Diego State in 2000, in 2001 he started the season as the backup running back behind Larry Ned, a 180 yard a game guy. Through 5 games Justin had 24 carries for 133 yards, 5.54 ypc average. Then he just dissappeared off the map for SDSU.

WR Jefferson Hiedleburger and this new kid from Washington Clarke, he could be a major sleeper, 6'2" and 4.4 speed.


I think we will have very very good linebacking this year.

LB Brent Meyers (new starter this year)

LB Joel Robinson (three year starter, but I think he'll have a huge year this year)

CB and Safety??? Who will step up and star?
Players you mentioned I will agree with are:

Ochs at QB
Justin Green at RB
Jefferson Heidelberger at WR
Brent Meyers at LB
Actually, I could agree with all the players you mentioned.

But I will add the following players to make an impact, or make a name for themselves:

Nathan Adkins at CB.
Dustin Dlouhy at LB.

I believe Dave Decoit will have his best season given that he doesn't try to tackle everybody by thinking that if he can hit them hard enough they will fall without wrapping up. If he doesn't tackle well, I will hope Edwards picks it up.

A player that I think will be a sleeper on offense, is Brady Green at RB. He impressed me during spring practices. He was darn right tough to bring down and hit the holes mighty quick like. A bit on the small side though.
I think Ochs will be the biggest surprise this year. If he can stay from being injured, he will have a great year and possibly a Payton Canindate next year.
I thought Lance Spencer did a great job last year filling in for Pitcher, and I believe he will play a major role again this year. I hope Ciche is back to 100%, but if not...
I think those who've not paid much attention to Hancock will be pleasantly surprised. Talmage and Segars get the lion's share of attention and rightfully so. Still I expect Hancock and Heidelburger(who others have mentioned) to do great things also.
The others mentioned as doing well such as Ochs, etc.

I guess in some ways its no surprise at all...they're Griz :D
I agree that Lance Spencer is an up and comer on the D line, also suggest that Mike Potts and Kerry Mullan are freshmen up an comers on the D line that will impress, given playing opportunity and time!

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