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What is this RobGriz guy doing here


Well-known member
I am hanging out here trying to get any bit of information I can. I am a Missoula native and proud graduate of Sentinel High School class of '88. Currently I am an NCO, thats Non-Commisioned Officer, in the US Air Force and am stationed in Tacoma, Wa. I am a lifelong Griz fan and can remember when I thought Dormblazer was a cool place to watch a football game. Excepting my wife and kids, my whole family lives in Missoula, bro is a season ticket holder. I spend my free time working out, coaching football or watching football. I am also a fan of the Lakes High School Lancers, home of Drew Miller, where my son Dylan works for Drews dad as a ball boy, which is pretty cool since Drew is his idol. I come home to Missoula for a game a year if I can and I always go to Portland for the psu game. Games I can't get home for I listen to on the net and then wait 4 days for my mom to send me the game film. I am just biding my time waiting to retire and move back to the glory land so I can get season tickets. My kids are all Griz fans and wear their Griz stuff everywhere which is cool cause we keep running into people from Montana that way. As of yet I have not met one boobcat fan out here.

Personal stats
Age: 34 (but I refuse to act it, just ask my wife)
Height: 6'
weight: 215
hair: what damn hair
eyes: blue
Family: Married (to a big sky grad if you can believe it)
3 kids; Kallie 14, Dylan 9, and Chloe 3.
Pet: 1 smartass Beagle (I swear to God, if she jumps up on her doghouse one more time and tries to shoot down the Red Baron, I'm gonna kill her)

That's pretty much it except to say thanks to Chris for this board. I love coming here and talking football with the best damn fans in the world-Griz fans