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What is Drew Miller up to these days...


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I only ask because maybe he could come in as an advisor or something and help this offense out. I know he has zilch for real coaching experience, but the play calling could get no worse. And I would imagine him being more aggressive.
Thougts? Anyone else they could bring in to help the O out?
Drew actually is the offensive co-ordinator at Bellermine Prep. Drew was helping his dad last year. My son is one of the ball boys for Dave, Drews dad, at Lakes. They are both great coaches. Drews offense is pretty much throw always, run when you have to.
We should get Drew some false identity. Milt Drewler, yeah that's the ticket. Then get him enrolled real quick as a freshman recruit.

Man we could really use that deadly accurate arm right now.
I'd be happy if they just hired him to coach. He'd be a great Offensive co-ordinator and an excellent qb coach.
Yeah, I agree. It actually kind of surprises me that he didn't get offered a job on this staff if he is coaching a a proffession right now. I don't mean any coordinator possisions, but like QB coach or something. Oh well.

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