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What in the hell happened?

CatGriz Admin

New member
Can anybody explain to me what happened at Washington Grizzly Stadium this past weekend?

I'm gettin' worried about these Cats now!

Was it bad coaching? Poor play? Is NDSU a better team? Argh!

I wish we could play Weber State every week. Or Rocky Mountain College for that matter!

On Saturday NDSU was the better team. The Griz were very good. A physical team and NDSU had to dig in to keep it from getting out of hand Then had to slowly but surely win the game along the offensive and defensive lines. Our Defense created 2 key INTs in the second half. We shut down your running game and finally did what all great BISON teams have done. We took it to you on the ground and completly dominated the second half. In the end the safety was the margin of victory and trick plays were even.

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