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What does Tony think of the Idaho Game?


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By Tony Moss, The Sports Network

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) -
The top-ranked Grizzlies play I-A-in-name-only Idaho, a team they will be looking to defeat for the third straight year and hopefully send right back to where it belongs, in the Big Sky Conference. One would expect the Vandals to already respect the Griz, but the memory will likely be short for a program that recently defeated San Diego State and played mighty Washington within 14 points this past week.


No. 1 Montana (4-0) at Idaho (1-4), 4:00 p.m. Somewhere in the Idaho locker room on Saturday afternoon, some coach will be talking about how this is Montana’s bowl game. About how the Griz get fired up for this one because it’s a I-A, and that the team’s heightened intensity has been the cause of those consecutive defeats that the Vandals have absorbed in the series. Not really. Griz fans and players like to win ‘em all, true, and a victory against a program classified (for now) as I-A might be a nice bonus, but this is still a non-conference game at its very essence. Give Montana fans a choice of beating Idaho or extending its Big Sky winning streak through the 2002 season, and it would be a no-brainer. A win over Idaho or Montana State? C’mon. Last year a Montana team coming off an emotional win over MSU and undoubtedly looking ahead to the playoffs still managed to beat the Vandals in double overtime. The year prior, a team still unsure of itself emerged with a 45-38 road win, Joe Glenn’s first as head coach of the Griz. Some think U of I might take control of the series this year, what with the Vandals’ return to the raucous Kibbie Dome and the team’s 48-38 win over San Diego State a couple of weeks ago showing that the offense still has some offensive punch. Plus, Montana has been a little off in recent wins over Northern Colorado (31-14) and Idaho State (13-9). But you can take those factors, and Idaho’s 22 additional scholarships, and I’ll take the team that knows how to win. Expect another close game, another Montana victory, and a Grizzly team looking forward to returning home to continue the important part of their season.
Nice spin though. You beat Idaho despite looking ahead at the playoffs???
How about you had to go into overtime to beat arguably the worst football team in D1A. You know what? You should be glad that Idaho decided to make the D1A leap; otherwise we, and not you, would be dominating D1AA football. You were Idaho's bitches in the Big Sky Conference. The only reason you are dominating is because Idaho, BSU and Nevada left. Now for god's sake get over yourselves!
Vandal, that is the dumbest statement I have read this week and you Idaho fans have been posting some whoppers, but this one takes the cake. What makes you think that if the NCAA moved you back down to 1-AA you would even be able to hold the Grizzlies jock strap. You guys need 22 more scholarship players on your team just to make it an interesting game against the Griz and then you still can't win. At least we have some pride in our program, you are proclaiming to be the worst team in 1-A.
Really.... :-?

Tell me how many National Championships you won at 1-AA.

You guys may have beat us...or made us you bitch as you say....back when we played at Dornblaser. That was long ago my friend. Now that we have nice facilities and can draw some big recruits......well I think that when you do make it back to the Big Sky, the bitch making will be the job of the Griz!

It is only a matter of time until Idaho realizes they are not 1-A material.

Can you imagine The Griz with22 extra scholarships each year for the last 5 years? Would U-da-ho even come close? I think not, but that's is just an opinion. :D
We were probably the worst team in D1A last year, well except for the one team that we beat; I'm not blind, I can admit that. Do you remember the old BSC days when Idaho was there??? The Vandals owned the Griz. Check out the overall series record between the two, Vandals dominated. So you beat us two years in a row; well the Vandals beat Washington State two years in a row also, but we don't go around saying we are better than the Cougars do we? When we are done with you Saturday you can go back to your Webers and Hofstras of the world, that seems to make you guys feel good about yourselves.
Ok, now its time to shoot you down again. Do you still have players left on your team that played in "the old BSC days"? I didn't think so, so give it a rest. Did you beat the Cougars the last two years? I didn't think so, the Cougars are a better team now, you are not. Of course you don't go bragging about being better than the Cougars they have already stomped you this year and after Saturday you will stop bragging about being better than the Griz. It's a simple deal, your players know how to lose, the Griz know how to win. See how easy that is?
Did you guys even win the BSC until Idaho, BSU and Nevada left? I know you didn't win a National Championship until those schools left.
It doesn't matter if Idaho and Boise were in the Big Sky or not, we still played both of those teams on the way to winning the 95 National Championship.
Go Vandals!!! said:
Did you guys even win the BSC until Idaho, BSU and Nevada left? I know you didn't win a National Championship until those schools left.

Remember 1995? Nevada may have left, but Boise St and Idaho were there.