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What do you think of the coaches now!!!!!

ronbo said:
Montana 45 Northern Arizona 14.

Nuf Said!

Ronbo I couldn't agree more. Of course I think Hauk didn't blah blah blah when he should have blah blah blahed :wink: .
Big road win over a quality opponent 59-21. It's good to be a Griz!

Congratulations to all the players and coaches.

Good luck next week against Sac State (who got pummeled in Bozeman today).
Couldn't agree more! Griz 59, Nau 21, WOW! Coach Hauck and staff and most of all, the Griz players came prepared to kick Lumberjack as*!!

All the 2nd guessers and Monday morning QBs, led by "Mr. Negative-Griz suck-Hauck can't coach-NAU is great"- AZ Griz (aka AZ cats)- will spin their way thru this absolutely incredible dominating GRiz win over the 'talent laden NAU lumberjacks."

Great win for the Griz and Coach Hauck !!
Gee Ronbo, I'm really surprized that you aren't mad at the coaches for not running into the pile more. :D

I'm really happy to see that we have finally put a game together against a "tough" team. But before we get carried away congratulating each other on how smart we all are we should remember that the season isn't quite over. These next games are critical to the ultimate goal and we know from the past that it's the teams with nothing to lose that give us the most problems. "Danielson, must stay focus".

The coaches did a fine job of game planning today. I'm impressed. Here's hoping that they can keep it going. I was however a little surprised by comments from BH after the game. He thought that the Griz had a chance to get blown out today but really didn't think we could blow NAU out. That is one thing I don't like. In my opinion it would be better to be confident than not...but like I said...my opinion....whatever works I guess.

Great win for the Griz!!!
I hope Ochs isn't hurt to bad. Looked like they were icing his knee.

Ronbo...Just joking dude...I know you appreciate a passing game as much as the next guy. You may never admit it, but I know. :wink:
This was the game that needed to be won not only mentaly"a few beers have been drank tonight" but physically. This was the breakthrough game of the year and we kicked some serious ass tonight. I do not think now anyone who had any previous thoughts of our downfall could now still entertain those same thoughts. Fuck them :fist:
I kind of like that attitude by hauck. I think that always playing up the other team while saying you might struggle kind of lulls a team into a false comfort zone once in a while.
Fire them!

Especially that Hauck SOB! I mean really......isn't he the guy in charge of special teams??? And we could only get two punt returns for TDs this game>??????? Fire him! :wink:
Hell yeah! Fire him! Without those 2 punts returned for TD's we dont give the Jacks the worst defeat they have EVER suffered at Walkup Skydome. What a shame!!

ok, ok....I've been trying to fit that little fact in somewhere, so I figured what the hell? Tag it here. :wink:
grzz said:
I kind of like that attitude by hauck. I think that always playing up the other team while saying you might struggle kind of lulls a team into a false comfort zone once in a while.

Just like he learned from Coach Don Read. Compliment the other team, and then physically dominate and demorilize them.
Nothing is sweeter than watching the M&M boys crying, and Tony Moss' favorite freshman quarterback running away from Griz defenders with fear in his eyes.
yea......fire him.....that's what I was saying.......????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Hauck does a tremendous Lou Holtz impersonation with the we aren't that good, they are so good act. I'm game Bobby, keep it up and let's keep playing.


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