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What are our chances?


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Seriously. What are our chances against App State? We kinda held our own last season, but we also had Dan Moore. JJ is gonna play a huge factor but he's not Dan Moore. Maybe Joey Counts will bowl them over?
IMO it comes down to JJ and our kicker. If our kicker can hit the long range ones and JJ plays like he has in the past I bet we'll win. Heck if JJ plays like years past we won't even need our kicker.

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I call home field advantage as a 60-40 advantage. Unless you really don't play well on defense, and unless your offense just stinks up the place, then you should win this game by 1 TD. IMO :coffee:
I'm coming in from Michigan for this one. Home field and attitude should be the difference maker. I hope our lads have a nasty attitude after all they've been thru. I got my money on the boys from Montana :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
Man I just don't know. To me it comes down to our coaching staff. If the changes made this off season and fall practice come together that will make me feel better.

We have less off field distractions hovering over our heads this year. JJ back surely is a positive, well if Delaney starts him!

Home field helps for sure...

I think it will be a close game. UM wanting revenge for last years loss and App would like nothing more than to top UM to start there FBS transition.

I honestly feel that this game is our most important game this year hands down. If UM falters in this game it will be a huge kick to the gut and may make for yet another rough season. However if UM comes out rolling and we win this game, that will be the true kick start this team needs.
A very motivated team and coaching staff right now with a ton of talent on the field. The o line and d lines are loaded. Couple that with a nasty backfield and very talented line backing crew. For me the concerns come at wide receiver, secondary and tight end. Receivers being the least concern of the three. I am overly optimistic and think the Griz will win this game by more than one TD. I guess it really comes down to how well this team gels after last year. JJ is certainly a leader and has the teams confidence. The other factor is the opponent. They are going through their own transition period right now and they have their work cut out for them traveling from the east coast. Home field advantage is huge.
Thanks for the input guys. I have been watching the App state fan post pics of player according to the number of days til kickoff and it almost looks as if we're a bit bigger. But, I could be wrong.
I've got a lot of faith in our team and they way they're coming together. I agree with all of you so far on this home field advantage, JJ being in the game, and coaching. I think we'll be ok with MD in there. We never got blown out last season, ever. In the games we kicked ass in, we didn't do to bad. (We should've won UND & SUU :evil: ) EWU there was some young bonehead mistakes but all in all, We Got This. GO GRIZ!!!

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