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Greenacres Griz

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The first clue we should have had that Hauck is poor coach was his decision to run the fake punt on 4th down at our own 25 yard line. Yeah it worked out & we got the first down but what the hell are you doing running a fake punt from your own 25 yard line so early in the game.

2nd clue is having Waller at running back. We might as well save a scholarship & have a walk on running back because I'm sure they could run into the back of the offensive line men for no yards just as well as Waller did.

Final clue that Hauck sucks, choosing to sit on the ball with 40 seconds left to attempt a 40 yard field goal rather than going for it on fourth & inches. If you don't think your team can pick up a couple of inches at a crucial point in the game then you are in for a long season. If Snyder were a good kicker I could see the decision but he only made slightly over 50% of his FG attempts last year.

The problem with the Griz is not physical. It is that they have no heart and no leadership and that starts with the Head Coah and Qb. That is the problem with this edition of the griz.
Greenacres. YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT saying that it was a bad coaching call to sit on the ball with 40 seconds. What are you going to do, make the kick 5 yards shorter for Snyder at best. Better yet, he should have gone for it and ran the chance of getting stuffed and not had any shot to win the game.

It is clueless minds like you that make missoula such a fairweather town. I bet your experience comes from watching your high school team in the stands. I cant stand people that just bitch adn complain like you. Make some constructive comments.
Both of you are flat WRONG! We wouldn't even be discussing a "call" if the lines had been doing their jobs the entire frikkin game. Who cares about the LAST CALL! Both of our lines are sissy's. We wouldn't have to make iffy calls if the lines were doing their jobs.
We should have won that game 42 to 2. Like I said. If we go 500 this year it will be an act of GOD!!!!
I would be willing to wager that had Hauck decided to go for the TD or 1st down on 4th & inches and NOT made it, Greenacres would griping about Hauck for not taking the field goal and a possible win. Of course we'll never know, cuz Hauck didnt do that.

I still believe we have a very good coach and not a god. I will not stoop so low as to blame this loss on anybody. Sure we could have done something different here or there. Who knows?

The only part of the game that did get me a little riled was the safety. I was fully expecting a short pass on 2nd down. Maybe a quick out to the sideline or a screen. But, like MOST of you, there is a reason I am sitting at home watching this game and NOT down on the field coaching it.

P.S. - Congratulations to the NDSU Bison and their fans.
Grizroc, come on now, tell us how you really feel.

Contrary to public opinion, this loss isn't the end of the world. How the coaching staff and players react to this loss will determine the season. It's time to look at what went right, what went wrong and make the right adjustments. If the right adjustments aren't made, then we know who to blame. Until then, this is just a loss.
I'll Bet a Hundered Buck's my wife will be over 80% accurate in her play calling predictions next week. All she will have to do is say "UP
THE GUT FOR LESS THAN 2 YARDS" every time we get the ball on first down. She got real good at it last year when Cockhill was the O
JoeOmaha Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2003 7:00 pm Post subject:
What's worse is that the Griz lost to a team coached by Craig Bohl.

I am a Husker fan also. I think Craig is going to be a great coach. I talked to him a little at an alumni gathering. You can really tell he has a lot of enthusiasm for the game of football. Enthusiasm has a lot to do with success.
let's see. last year gsu started our rebuilding with a new coach and new players at key positions and we made it to the semi finals in the playoffs...at least we didn't get beat by a DIV II team. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hauck was out coached - the play calling in the todays and last weeks games couldn't have been called any worse by Cockhill or the fondly remembered Ron Richardson.

Vanilla calls on Defense is how they moved the ball on us.

The Players have the Skills we Just need a couch who has the knowledge and guts to use them. Someone with Balls, rather than a bunch
of computer printouts, stat. books and the imagination of a driod.

maybe Hogan should turn the program over to Hal Sherbeck
believe it or not, there were a select few fans that were pissed out our (gsu's) loss to delaware for our season opener and complained that sewak may not be the answer for gsu. well, you know how it turned out for us. be patient and see how it turns out for you this season.

still cant believe you lost though... :lol:
You can protect the coaching staff all you want...but the fact remains that we have the talent on the team to win football games, it's basically the same team we had last year. Why was an offensive line created 2-3 years ago all of sudden switched around? Why is a 3rd or 4th string receiver (Oliver) all of the sudden the go to guy? Why is Waller even in the game? This isn't midget football! How can you have 6'4" sophmore receiver in Jon Talmage, who has proven himself last year only get one touch? How do you have a 6'7" 275 lb. (Walden) tight end that only gets one touch? How can our quarterback not see/not be able to hit a 20yd route down the middle of the field? Heidelberger was open all day across the middle. Trick plays and luck will only get you so far...as we found out today. Don't kid yourself into thinking that we BEAT Maine, we got lucky and they were unfortunate. Talent and skill are wasted when a coaching staff can neither see or utilize them. The play calling was typical, running up the middle, passing for three when you need six, playing the run when everyone in the stadium can see it is going to be a pass, defenders playing off, allowing receivers to catch the ball. We didn't come to win in the second half, they bite alot they just don't go in for the kill. Coaching. Coaching determines this!
well surely this puts the closed practices into different perspective. I don't think you can blame the kids for this. They don't draw up the plays and they don't make the adjustments. What ever happened to all you folks posting "Lets all get behind Disney." "Disney throws passes that catch themselves."
Bad coaches make bad teams out of good players. I once played on a team that sent three players to the NFL, and and six to DI programs, but we still lost almost every game. We couldn't find our asses with both hands. Same kids and a new coach the next season and we were conference contenders.

Griztastic is right, you can only get so far on trick plays and luck. The Griz staff got schooled. And this probably won't be the last time. Our line play wasn't that bad on offense. The NDSU kid had it a lot worse than Disney and moved the ball just fine. But how many of our plays targeted receivers 10 yards or more from the line? Our short passing game was so short it produced nothing. I beleive that no less than three of our new coaches were fired from their last jobs and there's probably a reason for that. That's more than I can remember on the staffs of the last three regimes.
Greenacres and GrizRoc, you both just need to chill.

You absolutely go for the field goal on 4th and inches. That's the smart call. YOU HAVE TO RUN THE PLAY THAT GIVES YOU A CHANCE TO SCORE. If a conversion try on a 4th down were unsuccessful, then there'd be no chance to score. You have to play it to win it. Plus, their D had us beat on the line. They could have stuffed us, and then it would be game over right there. And when trying a game-winning field goal, you have to run the clock down. On a 4th down, you know you're only going to get one chance, so you might as well take away any chance for the other team to score in case you make it. That's just smart. As for the play-calling, you all might hate running so much, but in case you haven't noticed, Disney wasn't exactly buring it up out there. That's why you run on a first down for a short gain, so you can set up a higher percentage short-yardage pass. The problem today wasn't the talent of our players, or the coaching, it was execution and focus, or lask thereof. That's something that can be fixed.

And GrizRoc, a couple days ago you had us beating BCS teams, and now you say it'd be a miracle if we go .500? Screw you, then. I'm sick of this fair-weather attitude. You'll all be singing the praises of the Grizzlies next week, but when we win, just save it. We need real fans, not pretenders.
You guys dont have to feel bad. The thing your forgeting is the BISON are Damn Good. So are you guys.
Good yes, but good as Maine, Idaho State, etc. No. I think the current NDSU would make an average I-AA team, but don't take offense to that. You guys won fair and square. It's just that Montana has lost to average I-AA teams before, as recently as last season, and we have to redeem ourselves now like we always do.
I have to agree with a lot of the people making post that our coaching staff BLEW IT! With all regards to the bison, we should have killed them. The bison coaching staff made adjustments at half time which our crew failed to counter. A good coaching staff with our tallent should have been able to adjust. Take a long look at the record of our assistant coaches and take into account that the man at the helm hasnt any experience calling the shots. We Didnt need a coach who needs to learn the ropes, we needed a coach who KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING when he stepped in the door. Glen was able to take a team that appeared to be average for the recent griz program, and took them to a tittle game appearence. Hauck has given us the most embarissing loss that I can remember! Is this game going to end up like glens hofstra? OR remember this topic, IS THIS THE END OF THE GRIZZLIES GOLDEN ERA?????
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