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Went to the cat game Thursday Night in Bozeman

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Should I see if their football team would sign my hood?
Maybe..... At least you could sell it to some "cat fan" douche-bag and get a little money for your troubles...
I debated even posting this, but I just wanted the fu*kface that did it to know I really dont care. In fact its a little bit funny now that I think about it.

If getting this carved in my hood is the worst thing that happens to me this weekend I have a pretty good life.
1st - sorry this happened to you
2nd - badge of honor and speaks volumes of little brothers inferiority complex
3rd - not all cant's are douche bags. This one - a major pole smoker.
Yup, pretty classless. It's sad when a "rivalry" turns ugly, but sh#t like this happens
on both sides of the state. It pisses me off that it happens at all because it is a poor
reflection of our fan base. I'd like to catch the little pr*cks that did this and give
them a little attitude adjustment. Sorry Alpha, hopefully you know that most of us
are not poor sports.
Hey cat fans I wasnt doing this to say all you guys are dickheads like the douche that did this, in fact its the very opposite.

I was at the BN tailgate everyone there is always awesome, in fact if anyone got out of line Kevin or Randy or quite a few others would say something to the jackass. I know 99% of you are not like this, wasnt directed at any of you that post here or there.
Alpha Im sorry this happened to you if your ever back in town Ill by you a few drinks I know this wont make it up but hopefully it will help a little.
I'm not gonna sit here and throw names around...but this has bay area cat written all over it.
zoo guy said:
I am sorry too. Only one word though. Karma
so you're a dickhead too aye? comments like zoo guys (and he's not the only one) only keep this type of behavior alive. can't you Cat haters just hate the Cats one day a year? sheesh...grow up
It's too bad there's a few folks on both sides of the divide who get off on this type of crap. Delusional.
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