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Weber State whoops EWU


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Well, EWU was looking mighty tough and then they lose to Weber 35-23 at home? What's going on? Wait it's the usual Big Sky. And Idaho State is looking more like the BSC doormat than a contender this year.

Every team seems to have a problem being consistent except Montana. We traditionally are the most consistent. Oh we had our little meltdown at the end of last season, but that was very unusual for us, and caused by injuries and a distracted coaching staff.

Well now it looks like Montana and NAU. Will NAU do their yearly disappearing act in the second half or are they for real?
I watched that game and I’m not concerned with Eastern Washington any more. All their DB’s are 5’ tall. Weber looks tough. They have a good line and a running back that runs hard. Reminds me of the bobcat runner from last year Johnson. We will have some real tough road games coming up at N Arizona, Idaho state, and now Weber.
All seems to be right in the world again with the Griz coming together at the right time and the cats going down hill.
Go Griz
We've got Weber at home right after Cal Poly. In two weeks.

We play NAU, MSU, ISU, and Sac. State on the road. I'm at the Sac. State game. My Mom lives out there and I'm doing a visit and taking her to the game.