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Weber State Quarterback a Unitas Candidate?????


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I saw the release that had the names for the unitas award which goes to the top quarterback in college football. On the list was Tate Bennett from Weber State.

Now someone explain to me how in the hell someone from a I-AA school, let alone the worst team in a conference can even be considered for this prestigious award???
Unless every starting quarterback in Division I is on that list, then it's total BS. I saw Bennett play last year, and the only award he deserves is one for surviving the 60-minute punishment the Griz dished out to him in Ogden.
Every reference to the "Unitas Award" that I looked at on the net refers to last year. I can find nothing about 2003. Last year's finalists weren't announced until the end of October and the finalist (Palmer) wasn't announced until Dec. 4th.

Me thinks it is a little too early for any "real" announcements.... :-?
I came upon a link or two with Tate Bennett being listed as a candidate.
Also making the list....Ryan Flanagan, UC-Davis, 1-AA





I was shocked to hear that. I did not see him play last year and wonder if anybody saw him play

the "watch" list came out today on espn.com