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Weber Predictions...


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Griz by two touchdowns.

I think the secondary will allow a few too many passes.

Ochs will have 300 yards passing. Talmage will have over 100 yard receptions.

Green and Hilliard will combine for 150 yards of rushing.

We'll see Pitcher back finally.

We'll see a runback by either LV or Heidelberger...

Pigs WILL NOT fly.
Griz 77
Weber 3

2 returns for TDs; 1 INT TD; 1 fumble recovery for a TD; 5 TDs passing; 2 TDs rushing

The real question triple G is whether monkeys will fly outta someones butt . . .

If my prediction holds up then I can say:
Hello, anal-dwelling butt monkey!

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Click Link for Sound Byte :wink:
We shut down their run

We shut down their pass

We kill em on special teams

Ochs plays first half and half of third quarter....goes for 341 yards and 4 tds...and one int that bounces off a wr hits the ground and lays there for about a 4 count, then is scooped up by a WSU DB. The great BSC refs call it an INT. :roll:

Talmage has a big game and is happy.

We see more screens and passes to the RB in the flats.

GGG brakes out of his one game slump, goes freakin nutty on the head paint and gear! :wink:

Hauck says, "The veer option WAS the greatest play....now I think it is throw the ball deep to Talmage!" :lol:

Halftime 31-10 Griz

Final Griz 41
WSU 17
Griz - 30

Weber - 17

Pitcher will not play, as they will try to keep him out for 1 more week, or if he does play, it will only be for a couple of series. Spencer is doing a great job in that position, and we need Ciche healthy for the meat of the conference season.

Ochs will play 3 quarters, Disney 1. Will combine for over 300 yds passing.

We will run 2 gimmick plays on special teams, including a fake punt.

Vernon Smith will finally put together a full game, and will get an interception, but we will give up 200+ yds in passing.

We will hold Weber to less than 100 yds in rushing.

A new attendance record will not be set for the first time in recent history.

Willie Walden will catch 2 passes, one for a touchdown

GGG will integrate the camoflage, Griz script, and Griz paw all into one design, causing everyone above him to experience vertigo.

I will drink several beers.

We will all leave happy.

The sun will come up on Sunday no matter what happens on Saturday.
Weber will hold us to about 123 Rushing yards, cause they will still call runs on 1st and second down ( geezz i hope thats wrong)

delayed draw on 2 yrd line scores the Webs 2 points.

griz 20
webs 17

I have no faith in our OC, and the prevent secondary is suspect.
We hit 450 yards offense for the first time in 2003 this Saturday, True.

The fans will be very happy because the Griz are sparked by Ochs leadership and play and start playing with the old swagger and confidence.

Griz 38
Weber 14
Only half of the Weber team is on the sideline. The rest are still out at the tailgate putting away Viking's like there's no tomorrow.

All 27 Silver tips all hit the 50 yd line, (intact)

Griz win the toss, defer to Weber.
Snyder kicks it out of the endzone.
Weber goes 3 and out.

Blood begans to trickle out of my left ear as the NEZ cheers the "D", and welcomes the "O" onto the field.

1st. Offensive posession begins with Talmage at QB :eek: in the shotgun. After the snap he throws a high ball into the corner, runs 66 yds down the field and catches it for a TD. Heide Miele winks and smiles at me. :lickout:

Willie Waldon knocks someone on thier Keester (can I say that?)

Craig Ochs completes 27 of 28 passes for 5 TD's for 342 yds.
Samson comes in the first series of the 3rd Qtr. and runs like a maniac with his buddies Green and Hilliard.


Cotton Eyed Joe pulls a muscle late in the 4th. A crane positioned in Lot T hoists him up :bounce: and out to a standing ovation.

Weber 12
UM 27 -17
Ochs plays okay (13-28, 233yds), but can't go the whole game, Disney comes in and we survive (many handoffs). Booing starts after first 2 series are 3 and outs (first offensive play is an incomplete pass, second run, third incomplete....second series run/run/run. Walden drops his only pass attempt....Segars has a poor game with punt returns....Talmadge scores on a fade pattern for the final go-ahead score (*third quarter). Vernon makes a big hit (with his eyes closed and arms hanging by his side) then jumps up showboating....later allows 4 receptions infront of him for sizeable gains and misses one easy tackle that allows for first down. One INT - by Thomas. Bush gets 1 sack (too bad he doesn'tget more reps..the Buc award is history!). Fake punt fails. Only other trick play is an end around pass that falls incomplete. Snyder's kicks are deep...unlike last week's plan
If I have to sit thru a WAVE while the Griz are on O one more time, I think I'm going to flip out. Man that is frustrating. Its like some kind of sick joke someone is playing. When I saw it against Cal Poly I just had to laugh and shake my head, "here we go again."

Anyone want to take bets that it happens again against Weber, most likely at the most in-opportune moment of the game.

Oh ya.
Griz 38
Weber 20
I have this feeling i is going to be some sort of a shootout.

Griz 38
Bad guys 27

they have put up a lot of points this year.........let's hope our D is up to the task; and the O is on the Move all day long.

Touchdownnnnnnnnnn Montana!

Go Griz!
I hear ya JahGriz. I couldn't believe it when the wave was started in the 3rd qtr at the CalPoly game. We were behind and had the ball and the FREEEEEEEKIN wave was comin my way.

I thought to myself, "self....these are a bunch of morons."
Glad that the Wave bothers other people. I hate it altogether but can tolerated it if the Griz are on D. These people starting the wave on offense have no clue. They should be stay out at the tailgates and do their little wave out there.
No offense, but what is everyones problem with the wave?

For the 2 seconds it goes by, is it that big a deal? Do you think it distracts the players? I can guarantee that short of the crowd noise, when those guys take their stances, they are oblivious to what is going on in the crowd. If a player is watching the crowd past that point, they shouldn't be in the game to begin with.

I think the wave is kind of cool when it gets going, and pumps the crowd up, but thats me.

Just my two cents.

P.S. My two cent total for the season is now up to $575.04 8)
GGG- I agree with the other posters on the wave, but not for the commotion. It is the noise that bothers me. As Tony Moss and others have pointed out, the Griz fans are very knowledgable, and are quiet when the Griz are on offense (at least when the players are at the line), so the count can be heard.

I sit on about the South 35 yd line. I can tell you that the student section and the NEZ are very loud when the wave goes through there.

I am all for fan noise. Just not when we are trying to call our snap count or audibles.
Ya, it is the "WHOooOooo", that is most annoying. I just can't get past when it was started when the Griz were on their own 2 yd. line against NDSU. From that day on, I think the wave will continue to annoy me. It is dead to me, like Fredo was to the Godfather.

Along the WAVE discussion, does anybody remember, maybe 5 years ago or so, when at least a couple sections did the "ripple" wave. Where it starts at the bottom of the stadium and goes up. Like someone dropped a rock in a pond full of Griz fans (aka Wash-Griz). That was sweet. Don't remember if we were on O, or if I heard the "WHOooOoo" though. But it was cool.
Thanks grizpack. You hit the nail on the head. It's a noise/timing issue with me. When your team is behind in the 3rd qtr and they've got the ball, I don't think it's time for the wave. That's all. When it's 89-zip in the 2nd qtr, I'll be wavin with the rest of ya.

And just for fun... :evil:
When it's 3rd and 9 and they run it up the center's @ss, that's me you hear booing.

That ripple wave sounds cool JahGriz!

Someone put this thread back on the rails (if you're so inclined)..... :lol:
GRIZ 38 Weebs 4
I know... funny score but my predictions are:

Ochs will be in for three qtrs, Hartman and Sampson in the 4th. Passing yds of 350+ spread out to many receivers. Hancock, Talmage and Oliver will star. Weber will get two safetys when we run a deep handoff near the endzone while the wave :crazyeyes: distracts the fans. Our secondary will have a perfect game and Vernon Smith will actually be seen making a tackle :lol: Griz will have 3 interceptions, 2 run back for TD's.
Thanks for the link GGG

I tried to find the clip from Bruce Almighty but it was not to be :wink:

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