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Weak Recievers?


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Boy it sure looked like the recievers could catch the ball when it was put on target. Neill went 6-8 and the two misses weren't his fault. On one he put the ball right in the recievers chest over the middle. A Northwestern defender put a big time hit on the reciever and the ball came flying out. On the other miss it was a screen that went bad. Brandon dropped back and immediately had two linemen in his face and had to let it go too soon. The play hadn't developed yet.

Yep, when the ball is delivered on target, not high, behind, low, too far out front, etc. We have a pretty darn good bunch of recievers.
Who said the Griz have weak receivers? I don't recall anyone saying anything like that. I probably would remember, too, because when someone posts garbage like that calling out and blaming players for poor play and performance I tend to remember.
Guys have been posting all season that our receivers can't hang on to the ball. One poster said he'd take a one arm Talmage over any other two receivers on our team. No the receivers have been underestimated this year because the ball hasn't been getting to them on target. Look how everyone thought the offense was a dead duck when we lost Talmage. Talmage played some Saturday but was a minor contributor at best. Our other receivers came through and so did Neill.
I'm with you Ronbo. If the powers that be were to look at game films instead of stats I believe we would have receivers going for the WP award instead of an (yes, I'm hanging myself out for possible shotgun blasts here) over rated GB. Go Griz and Go Brandon.