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Wayne Hogan needs to take Busines Courses...



Mr. Hogan, maybe you should attend some of the classes taught at your fine educational institution. I believe they do teach courses in Marketing.
Upsetting the "customers" is a good way to loose business...
Try some using some tact and maybe use your head a little bit before you do make any more big moves or you might just loose any support you have left.
Who are you going to blame when attendance doesn't pick up and the season record doesn't any better? Look in the mirror.
Marketing alone certainly would not have worked. Why? Because you can poor syrup on shit but that doesn't make it pancakes. Holst was not a good recruiter, played a ridiculously boring style of basketball, and restricted his players to the point that they did not know what they could or could not do in any situation. I think Holst was a nice guy. The problem is if you shake a tree a whole bunch of nice guys fall out, but only a few good coaches. It remains to be see if Kennedy can upgrade the talent, excitement, and overall product. Holst had clearly proven that his program was going to be boring and mediocre. Clearly you don't like Hogan and I don't really care to change that, but disliking Hogan should not have the magic power to make the firing of Holst a tragedy because it wasn't.
Not once did i mention that Holst was a good coach, recruiter...etc. Wayne Hogan just needs more of a delicate hand when approaching a situation like this one.
Do you think that Kennedy is going to do a better job recruiting with the same budget that Holst had to work with? It will be interesting to find out.
The Kennedy recruits will probably come from a different base than the Holst ones, since his contacts are from another region. Wether they are better or not is yet to be seen. Another poster has stated that K. will be the new president of the College BB Coaches Asso. If true, other recruiting opportunities could come about, as that association is undoubtably a "good old boys" network.