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Warp a CAT!


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It's time for your favorite Internet Game... Warp a CAT!

Click the link below to warp your (least) favorite Cat. If you know what your doing, you can do a screen print, upload to the net, and post your work back here on eGriz.

Here is a sample:

Click the link to play! Have fun!
Thanks GGG,
How am I suppose to get any work done when I've got this to play with all day???
Instructions! Click/Drag your mouse over the image to distort
the face of your favorite (least favorite) Cat!
Do a screen print and sumbit your Entries back on eGriz!
I can do all the other stuff, but
what the hell is a screen print?!?!?!?!?!?!
That's not Macinstosh lingo is it?

Muchos Thankos! :lol:
Might be over your head big guy... but here goes...

If you like what you see... hit the Print Scrn button on your keyboard (to the right of F12). This will copy the 'image' of your screen to the clipboard.

Now open your favorite graphics program and paste... you should see your screen. You can then crop/resize the image... upload to your favorite web server, and link to that image from here on eGriz...

Sound easy? :eek: Ok.. nevermind... just enjoy what you've produced.
Allright THANK YOU!
Damn, I love this board. I even learn stuff.
Here goes....


Hey this is fun.

Thanks again for your assistance.
Just out of curiosity...is there a webhosting service that is free...that doesn't want money...just for me to put up one photo?...If not no big deal..but I thought I would share it with you all...
GGG, this is great but I didn't get a damn thing done all day. There's almost something unnatural about being able to do that to someones face. Damn near evil. By the time I got done with Kramer he looked as un-human as he acts. Funny though everything I did to Lulu and Konehead just seemed to improve their appearance.

My son, 2 yrs old, stopped dead in his tracks upon catching a glimpse of this one. "Crazy man" was all he could mutter. 'I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.'