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Wake up call for sure


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Here is what I think happens the rest of the year. We are going to run the table or just maybe lose one more. This game was a wake up call for a talented bunch of athletes and they won't let down or overlook anyone again.

The coaches needed a wake up call also. You DON'T sit on leads. You pour it on unmercifully. You put in the third stringers when you have a 45 point lead, not a 22 point lead. Learn thy lessons well, coaches. Don't try to sit on a lead.

We go 11-1 into the playoffs, 10-2 at the worst. We'll need 11-1 to get the home field in the second round so they need to strive for that.

And YES I'm talkin' playoffs because this is too talented a team to talk anything less. If this bunch doesn't make the playoffs, then it was a terrible coaching job and nothing else.
No no - That's Wait until your down and hit 'em in the unmentionables!

Jeez get your team slogans straight!