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W.S.C vs Montana - 1940


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlRAXzOJtUI" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Randomly came across this video today, thought someone here might enjoy it for whatever reason.
I randomly came across this 1984 bobcat championship game footage. Thought the cat fans on here might enjoy it for whatever reason.

Oh, and I'm just giving you shit catzwillrise. That vid you posted was actually pretty cool.
How did Montana not score in that first 1/2? Here is a newspaper article about that game

http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=gUwVAAAAIBAJ&sjid=EOQDAAAAIBAJ&pg=6416%2C2013707" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
That's awesome. They may have not been very fleet of foot but those guys were tough as bricks. Holy sheet!! Another thing I noticed was no egos on the feild. They were strictly business. You hit the guy with the ball, you got up, lined up, and did it again. Wow
CatzWillRise said:

Randomly came across this video today, thought someone here might enjoy it for whatever reason.

Great find. Thanks for posting, CWR.

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That was cool to watch, but I'm pretty sure guys from that era had egos. Babe Ruth, Joe D. Yeah they had egos.

Did I miss something or in the 1st quarter after the Griz downed the punt on the goal line, did Wazzu just turn right around and punt on 1st down? That was kind of cool.
the betch was off his game that day, but grizbackerslacker1 was looking good out there!
Bring back the single wing!... Loved the leather helmets and the ancient analog clock. Saw a Griz horse collar back when it was legal. Looked like the hook and ladder was run by both teams...
Thanks for the link! Really cool vid.

1. What's up with the blocking? Damn! Run for your life football.
2. I like the punt on first down thing.
3. Like seeing the huge number of Montana picks!
4. Nice half time show. Need to bring twirlers back!
5. Noticed players take a knee when a player was hurt. That hasn't changed.
6. Big shout out to the crew who shot the video. Way better than kpax, they actually followed the play of the game.
It was interesting to see that all players sat on the bench when not in the game and the bench was a long way from the field. At least that way they could all see the game...
Not enough helmets to go around so I had to play hatless. Any one would be off their game in those circumstances.
I have a program from the bobcat grizzly game in 1940. Jack Swarthout is #18. The line coach is George Dahlberg. The trainer is Naseby Rhinehart. If anybody has a friend or relative playing in this video and want to know what # they are just post your question and I'll try and answer your question.

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